Dragon Quest X overthrown by Monster Hunter 3rd as Japan's most-wanted game (American Gamer in Japan)

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has overtaken Dragon Quest X as the most wanted game in Famitsu's reader poll. News on that, the other games ranking on the list, new Metal Max 3 information, and a random look at some cherry blossoms.

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kratos1233501d ago

wow i never thought the impact would be this big just wow

SpoonyRedMage3501d ago

Well considering the only thing we know about DQX is that it's been announced and is a Wii game I'm not too surprised by this.

If they were both a week from release with lots of info about them I reckon DQX would be on top.

Natsu X FairyTail3501d ago

DQ is like a religion to Japanese Gamers.

wazzim3500d ago

Monster Hunter is what keeps them alive man.

SpoonyRedMage3500d ago

Monster Hunter is not as big as Dragon Quest. Freedom Unite has shipped 4 mil whilst DQIX has shipped at least 4.3 mil(I think it was around 4.5). So it's close but DQ is still king...

... of course neither compares to the heights of some Nintendo franchises. They're just scary.

Myst3501d ago

And surely they will get both, yet what about the rest of the world :D?

SpoonyRedMage3500d ago

Nintendo is publishing Dragon Quest IX this summer.

Portable 3rd may depend on Monster Hunter Tri's performance as they might be gearing up for PSP2 and decide it's not worth localising if the franchise doesn't stick witha western audience.

Myst3500d ago

Ah thanks for the info Spoony. I guess I should go back to telling more people about MH3 then and hopefully they will get it.