'Galaxy on Fire 2' Officially Announced for iPad and iPhone

No Dpad:

Saddle up your bags and let's take a trip to space! A new space shooter is about to enter the realms of the App Store, this time a sequel to an already existing space explorer on the App Store. This space shooter has a name like most games, and Fishlabs has currently named it Galaxy On Fire 2 (name isn't official).

We reported of the rumor such a long, long time ago, and I'm glad that rumor came out to be true. Galaxy on Fire 2 isn't exactly close to release though, as stated in the blog post, it will take some time for Galaxy on Fire 2 to be completed. It also sounds like they are planning to add a lot more things compared to Galaxy on Fire, and just reading the little Q&A leaves me a bit jumpy inside.

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