Alan Wake Runs at 720p - Confirmed via Remedy

Earlier this evening, it was reported on NeoGaf that upcoming Microsoft Xbox 360 exclusive, Alan Wake, was only running at the resolution of 547p -- which will be sub-HD levels. Well, to counter these claims, Remedy has clarified the situation with an official statement.

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Natsu X FairyTail3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Guess they were talking to fast on that other thread haha. What is your excuse now yall??????????????????????

"Community Manager stated: "The game is 720p. Those screenshots are based off footage captured at 960x540 like cocorenut pointed out, of course there will be some downsampling involved."


EDIT @ alpha-male

Well there was another thread talking bout Alan Wake was running somewhere around 546P and some fanboys were having a party on that thread celebrating some fake news haha.

ClownBelt3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I would seriously laugh my ass off if this is wrong and the CM of Alan wake is caught lying.

Edit. Lmao. It seems Mazingerdude is the one lying...Whoopsie daisy...

Status: Currently waiting for next installment of "The Resolution Battle"

SnuggleBandit3502d ago

720p native or upscaled?? Not that it matters but they aren't the same thing...

young juice3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

i bet this wont get as many degrees as the first story

soxfan20053502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I figured as much.

Never saw a thread reach over 100 comments before reaching approval/fail approval.

Just because you want to believe something doesn't make it true.

Whut3502d ago

wow ps3 fanboys got shut down fast.

sid4gamerfreak3502d ago

ouch. lol at the ps3 fanboys, look whos talkin now...

Bu..bu alan wake is 576p confirmed!!!!!!
Im laughing my as* off!!!!

He who laughs last laughs the longest...

-Alpha3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Wait, what did I miss? Anyone have a link to this "other thread"? PS3 fanboys, like all fanboys, are completely arrogant, but the difference is PS3 fanboyism is allowed on this site. I can't believe people take pleasure in seeing a game fail or do bad, it's just sad. The fact that anybody would mock a game or take pleasure in seeing it fail shows a really pathetic and juvenile side to gamers.

Alan Wake is looking swell. Really interested to see how it does.

It's also funny to see that people will hide behind disagrees once they appear to get owned, hence the massive onslaught of disagrees for Natsu. Hiding behind disagrees only makes you look like cowards. Can't use words then you prove you can't use your brain. If Natsu was wrong come out of hiding and prove him wrong.

EDIT: Only ONE self-proclaimed PS3 fanboy showed his face on the comment board and not one other has dared to retaliate. Everybody is hiding behind disagrees, this is disgraceful.

littletad3502d ago

Either way, it's a great looking game. Can't wait. Don't see what the big deal is with comparing this to Uncharted 2. Kind of silly. Enjoy the games, period.

infamousinfolite3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I say "Are you guys happy this game isn't 576p?"

blackmagic3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )


Edit @natsu: here's the thread, talk about ravenous bashing!

cry from the sky3502d ago

the fans were bashing it, now its 720p! thats great! just because the 360 is not quite up there with ps3's graphics and some games, dosent mean the 360 cant produce something special. peace everyone, and good gaming.

Kareshi_X3502d ago

Look at all the disagrees natsu is getting. This only proves he's right and they were wrong.

bwaah bwahh cry babies.

DeepInterludium3502d ago

Has Digital Foundry been wrong in the past?

I remember people arguing against DF for analyzing FFXIII based on low res captures and FFXIII 360, and that turned out to be true.

Noctis Aftermath3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

It's hard to say whos right or wrong, in time the truth shall be revealed.

Also, the guy who stated this is the Community Manager and not a developer, don't take his words as gospel.

Lionhead3502d ago

I dislike Natsu but the disagrees are funny lmao

The guy who submitted the other article got dealt with pretty fast though :D

-Alpha3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Natsu has not once been challenged on what he said, he's just been getting disagrees by obvious raged fanboys. Just goes to show you how bad the PS3 fanboys are hurt. Once again, disagrees show cowardice and butthurt, not that what a person says is wrong.

Should have kept their words soft and sweet because now they have to eat them. This is why you shouldn't be a hateful fanboy, plain and simple. Learn to appreciate this business instead of trying to burn it to the ground with hate.

3502d ago
Bigpappy3502d ago

PS3 fanboy have sobered up and the music is now all violins (No more load guitar and heavy drums). What's the lesson for the day boy and girls. Looks like you might have to wait and see it Natal fails to start partying again. You guys just love to hate on 360 do yah. I promise you will get another chance.

Gue13502d ago

oh man what a party pooper...

Natsu X FairyTail3502d ago

Thanks for all the support guys. Bubbles to every True gamer here who stood up for me.

Redrum0593502d ago Show

Especially in the comments from the fanboys, Incoming:

3502d ago
Silly gameAr3502d ago


Are you bi polar?

"lol, alan wake runs in 576p? Really? That was a suprise...


Oh, and u ps3 guys shouldnt be laughing its not like u ppl play in true hd either. Still though, better than the 360 gamers atleast..

The one and true hd platform is the PC..."

Your words. You were in on it too.

-Alpha3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

We'll have to wait and see. But the point is, why do PS3 fanboys WANT Alan Wake to look bad? It's pathetic. People shouldn't be hoping for games to fail.

"Kinda like turn10 said forza3 is the definitive racer, kinda like square enix said both ff games are completely identicle, kinda like ms said they fixed rrod. It's called a loop hole"

how is that anything like this where people took pride in a 360 game not being in HD? Do you mean when 360 fanboys tried to act as if those games were better when the competition hasn't come out? Because you are right: Calling Forza better than GT was just like this situation. 360 fanboys ate up the arrogance of T10.

Also, please don't try to pin the "war" on Xbox gamers. I remember fondly how the Xbox was laughed at for even entering the console industry much like how Sony was laughed at for entering against Nintendo. It's not as if fanboys popped up first on the Xbox console. The Xbox, like the Playstation earned its fans by attracting players. Many Xbox fans came from either the Playstation or Nintendo, so don't try blaming them for "Starting" anything when fanboyism has always existed.

All it takes is one person on any side to dislike the competition for childish reasons to get people started. You act as if there is an official "First Fanboy comment comes from Xbox gamer" page somewhere on the internet.

PS3 fans were being hateful here, and there was no need for it.

Slimshadyn3502d ago

Graphics still look good though so I don't really mind. Graphics wont make the game be good or bad.

Hm... didn't you just post this not too long ago... Weird you posting in an article solely based on a games graphics.

mikeslemonade3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

We still don't know for sure. Is the game going to be native 720p when it releases? Is it actually 547p and than upscaled to 720p?

Most games aren't 720p native exactly so that sounds kind of fishy. The game still looks average as we see more gameplay footage. It's going to be another "splinter cell". You zealots always make a big deal just because you have an exclusive.

Natsu X FairyTail3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Dude. Dont come at me with Wack Responses like you just did. If you want to discuss bring some good stuff to the table.

1st-You have to put QUOTE marks to what I wrote in that last Article.

2nd- Is gaming only about graphics? No it's not. And how you gonna dare come at me talking that obviously BS crap when you had 100 PS3fanboys in that other article bashing the xbox360 and saying stupid stuff and now that there's proof that completely destroying the dumb stuff they were saying you still try to point your finger at me? As if I'm the bad guy in this thread? Cowards.

get real dude all you ps3 fanboys were wrong. Get off my Case now.

3502d ago
Slimshadyn3502d ago

I'm a PS3 fanboy how? Did I mention anything about the PS3 or 360 in this article or the other? I just find it funny when people are complete hypocrites. Sorry if I called you out for being the hypocrite you are. Oh, and they aren't QUOTE marks, they're quotation marks.

Redrum0593502d ago

You make a valid statement but I will say that I don't remember fanboys in the gens before, I had all three consoles and believe it or not, the gamecube was my fav but I had no hate towards the other two.I actualy don't hate the xbox360 but I despise the xbox fanboys. The reason why ps3 fanboys wanna see it fail is because the xbox fanboys try to use it to dumb down a ps3 exclusives. I started to notice fanboyism wen all ps3 is dead articles were in every single website. Yes I have a 360 and I did enjoy it but not as much now, why, because after my second rrod, I decided to go for the ps3 and seek the 360 again after the rrod was solved. Then all of a sodden all the hate and attacks came out. "your stupid for paying 600 for that sh*t" and "stupid a** now u can't play real games" so much of that force me to see the flaws of the 360, now I can't help but notice the short games, subhd graphics, the loudness, the scratching disks. I'll tell you one thing, I was visiting n4g long since last gen and I don't recall anyone talking about sells, you know that time wen games were good and weren't dumbed down.

-Alpha3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

First of all, I respect the fact that you take your time to make sensible responses. bubbles to you. We don't have to agree with each other but people on here never debate or care to have good conversations. It's all smoke and mirrors with bubbles and disagrees.

Second, fanboyism last gen was toned down but that's because the PS2 was clearly superior in what it had. Also, the internet was just growing for gaming groups. It's nothing like today where the Xbox has managed to establish themselves and where the Playstation brand has fallen from its old glory days as King. It's sent Sony fans in serious denial and MS fans in serious offensive overdrive with the "Sony is dead" nonsense.

"The reason why ps3 fanboys wanna see it fail is because the xbox fanboys try to use it to dumb down a ps3 exclusives"

Well the same can be said for 360 fanboys wanting to see Sony fail. But it shouldn't have to be like that. I think it's shameful that users I know on this site were involved in making fun of Alan Wake. People should know better than to hate on games because they hate fanboys. There is no reason for people to BE fanboys anyway. Just because 360 fans make fun of PS3 doesn't mean PS3 fans should do the same. Fighting fire with fire is what keeps this circle going.

"I started to notice fanboyism wen all ps3 is dead articles were in every single website."

I think those claims had a lot of propaganda and scare in them, but not all of it was by 360 fanboys: sure, they probably WANTED it to fail and laughed at the idea but PS3 fans themselves were concerned. Sony was reporting terrible losses with the PS3 and Sony as a whole were suffering. There was ever bit of rational reasoning to worry about Sony no matter who you were.

I don't see much difference between the consoles. PS3 graphics may be better but the 360 still has great graphics. I find that Single Player games are better on PS3 while the Multiplayer games are better on 360. It was like that last gen too. I've been a long time PS3 owner and recently got a 360 3 weeks ago. I worry about the shoddy hardware and dread paying for LIVE but it's a good console overall and I enjoy the exclusives because I enjoy games.

"you know that time wen games were good and weren't dumbed down."

I blame three things: 1) Fixation on graphics, 2) Casual gamers, 3) Greedy publishers/developers like Activision

PS3 is to blame for the first one, Nintendo for the second, and MS for the third.

Redrum0593502d ago

Ok, you've got me, there is nothing I can say that will debate with your comment. But I will say one thing, you got me cornered with a nonfanboyish comment and it's the few ppl like yourself that make me see how biasd my comments are. Comments like yours make me wanna be opened minded in gaming like I used to be, but don't flatter yourself, your wise comments will very soon be over shadowed and forgotten by the thousand fanboy comments that have yet to arive. And I still hate xbox fanboys. Lol


Traveler3502d ago

What is this absurd obsession with game resolutions?

Resolution has probably the smallest impact on the visual quality of the games we play. MGS4 was sub-HD, as was Halo 3, and neither of them suffered because of it. I have compared them to other full 720p games and I don't think the resolution makes any significant difference. Neither of them look appreciably "soft", "fuzzy" or lacking in definition.

I'm not saying that resolution doesn't matter, but the fact is, it has among the smallest impact on game graphics. Textures, lighting, geometry, art, post processing effects and many other graphical elements have a far, far bigger impact on a game's visual quality. Many times you can't even tell when a game is sub-720p, so why does it even matter?

It's just one more stupid talking point for pathetic, lost fanboys to argue over.

green3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I really don't understand this resolution obsession all of a sudden this gen. If there was no beyond3d or digital foundry to tell you that a game runs at 720p, 576p or 1080p native, will you know? And if you found out that your most anticipated game runs sub HD and you did not buy it because of that, then you are a freaking idiot.

A poster pointed below that his PC runs Half-life 2 at 1080p native but plays Crysis at 720p but Crysis still looks light years better. As long as it looks good and plays good then that should be all that matters. Alan Wake can run at 100p for all i care. As long as it looks the way it does on mh TV, i don't care.

Fanboyisim is killing this site and if it is not resolution fights its to be freaking spoiling games for people.

Hank Hill3502d ago

As far as the fanboys go, both sides are insecure and hurt. The PS3 fanboys are insecure and hurt by the fact that the PS3 isn't #1 this time and the Xbox fanboys are insecure and hurt that they can't keep up with the PS3 in graphics and exclusives. The PS3 fanboys are hoping to outsell the Xbox as soon as possible and the Xbox fanboys are always paranoid at the fact that at any day some of their "exclusives" can and probably will be announced for the PS3. I don't know, I'll never understand why they care so much.

WildArmed3502d ago

well GTA also ran on 720p.. just not natively.

Either way, I'm looking forward to AW.

Akagi3502d ago

Wow, Natsu. That's pretty sad. Everyone knew it'd be 720p, but HD doesn't make a good game.

Don't get too excited.

Chris3993502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

The community manager says nothing about the game's native resolution. There is a difference. And that Beyond-3D guy is never wrong. You should read what's going on at the Beyond-3D forums if you want to be really informed. Sounds like Remedy had a sh!t fit and is doing damage control.

And really, who cares if the game looks good anyhow? Is it unreasonable that to add all sorts of lighting and dithering effects that Remedy had to lower the resolution?

I'll be picking this up regardless. Hell, I've been having a blast with Infinite Undiscovery on the ol' Box lately - and people universally lauded that game as average.

And do I know what resolution IU is at? No idea. But it looks pretty damn sweet on my newish t.v.. The first few occasions I played it - as I've shelved the game on and off - was on an older 720p set; it did not have the same visual fidelity at all. A good display set can work wonders on image output quality, as can the work that the developers have put into the code. I'd be willing to bet that Infinite Undiscovery isn't 720p, but it looks great regardless (it also runs with very little of the purported slowdown if you install it to the hard-drive, fyi).

tripewire3502d ago

Lol. Oh haileth the messiah, A game that doesnt run at sub-HD resolutions on the 360.

You think PS3 users care that one game out of literally dozens runs at a decent resolution? Yes, it would have been hilarious if another one of Microsofts most hyped titles looked like balls (im looking at you SC:conviction) but does it hurt anyone in any way that FINALLY the 360 gets a half decent peice of code? Nope.

Funny. The guys Ive met on live tonight have all been level headed and kinda cool. Glad I've not bumped into any of the fanboys on this site yet.

raztad3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

People need to take it easy. There is a more than a chance the guy from DF found the true about AW native res. It seems the guy is confident because native resolution is not changed by capture methods. It makes some sense, I've read there is a huge edram limitation, that prevents a game to have 4xMSAA and run at 720p simultaneously. Should you care? I would say no, game looks great.

EvilBlackCat3502d ago

Get a damn fncking life and Grow up!
Be a Gamer and not a Console Brand slave minion!

Christopher3502d ago

I really don't care too much since it looks good enough for me. But, having said that, all truths will be revealed once the game is released. I'm glad that they're officially saying it's 720p because we really don't need another reason for PS3 fanboys to discredit a good game as being a good game.

Dude4203502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

This is sad, really sad, is this what fanboys have come to nowadays? They must lack ability to think. When I saw the article on AW running at 576p, I called BS on it. The guy even tried to make an excuse saying that the video capture didn't have an impact on the resolution. Seriously, go find a game on youtube that's blurry as hell and is available in 720p, then come back and tell me you know its native resolution.

When I watched the first 10, second 10 minute videos, I could tell right away that there is some blurriness caused by the video capture itself, not the game.

When I looked at the onslaught of PS3 fanboy comments in the other thread yesterday, I was seriously laughing and facepalming because nobody there questioned the claim. Stop trying to cling on to hope by saying "Bu...bu, maybe it's t3h upscaled!" Forget it, you were fooled, blinded by your own ultimate bias and hatred, dumbfounded, destroyed, raped and pretty much owned.

This fanboy war seriously needs to stop, ON BOTH SIDES. IMO this site has gotten progressively worse and it's just sad that fanboys will resort to hatred no matter what to make their console look good. Like when a site before sent out really bad shots of GOW3 (not the game itself), all the 360 fanboys flocked to it and tried to downplay the game, but GOW3 looks phenomenal.

Anyway, I'm done my rant, I just felt I needed to say it after what happened yesterday and today.

Shaman3502d ago

Game is sub-hd,compression does not change native res of game.

vhero3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Lets see shall we when its released my bet is its 720p upscaled like every other 360 graphically intense game. The 360 has trouble handling true hi-def graphics so Alan Wake would be a first if this true but it is most likely upscaled. I mean S-E said FFXIII on 360 was 720p and confirmed it and we all know that was a lie.. As did Bungie with Halo 3.. Though to be fair like I said in my other comments if you really care that much for it to effect your purchase you don't deserve to play quality games anyways as your nothing but a fanboy.

HolyOrangeCows3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Interesting that he doesn't say NATIVE 720p.

The HD screenshots we've seen are blurry as heck, though, so maybe it is native 720p with a bunch of cheap corner-cutting techniques like blur filters.

Carlton Banks3502d ago

So its a community manager, not the devs themselves? Um okay.

MNicholas3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Confirmed by the famed Quaz51 of beyond3d who's pixel-counting is accepted by all sites.

Naturally, some are wondering why, since they're using 2 tiles anyway, they would chose 540P with 4xAA rather than 720P (1280x720) and 2xAA.

The answer is simple.

By rendering 44% fewer pixels you almost double the shader power available per pixel. In addition, 4xAA will smooth out the jaggies better than 2xAA, the 360's excellent upscaler will minimize artifacts when stretching to 720P output, and the only drawback vs 720P/2xAA is a slight softening of the image from being lower res. In an atmospheric game like this that might even be good thing.

Disappointingly, the textures and shaders are still not quite as good as Uncharted 1 which ran at 720P.

4Sh0w3502d ago

I always know their will be some flamebait on n4g, but when I woke up, I certainly didn't expect to see Remedy having to "confirm" anything about Alan Wake, YES the game is easily one of the best looking if not the best looking games on a console= its subjective, but why can't people just relax and give credit where credit is due?

"The game is 720p. Those screenshots are based off footage captured at 960x540 like cocorenut pointed out, of course there will be some downsampling involved.

As has said before Videogameszone and Gamepro both released footage without approval and due to the fact that we don't know how many compressions their videos went through or what process they took it's best not to use those videos as sources."

#1 When a game has great lighting, great art design, tons of attention to detail with 4xAA and so much production value I doubt anyone here could tell the difference between 574p and 720p without 500x zoom and to count pixel.

#2 Resolution is not the be all, end all of graphic's, there are native 1080p resolution games this gen that look very average, Sega's tennis game is one I can think of at the moment= not even close to the best looking games this gen, hell Madden, 2k basketball games all look better. In the end there are many aspects that make graphics look good= and thats exactly WHY its so subjective judging graphics.

#3 Its unbelievable how many people in this thread it seems just couldn't wait to jump on the hate parade for this game= WOW, really showed their true colors, pretty embarrassing because the truth is Alan Wake's in-game visuals are nothing short of superb and even if it were 574p or whatever that's all that should matter, in other words WHY should it matter what "tricks" a dev uses to bring us beautiful visuals as long as the end result is impressive. Now I'm just glad Remedy responded so those who were saying 4xAA with 720p was impossible can shut up, either way I don't care so much if a pixel is out of place in Alan Wake, YES I'm going to buy the game because it looks like the most amazing graphics on a console but by far the biggest reason I'm going to buy the Alan Wake is because I can tell Remedy has poured their heart and soul into this game and it looks like its going to be one helluva ride.

3502d ago
VINNIEPAZ3502d ago

DAMN N4PS3G fanboys got shut down fast. Here are some quotes from the intellectual minds for PS3 Fanboys.

Nathan123 - "Moral of the story: Don't f*ck with PS3 heavy weights and hype your games to death."

Method - "Microsoft: "We don't need Blu-Ray" What a joke!"

Hi-def freak - "so much for comparing to uncharted 2! Teh blu ray iz not needed;)"

mikeslemonade - "Yep I told you so! We actually see some larger gameplay screens and the game looks barely better than GTA4. Xbox zealots don't have an eye for things. They make a big deal about any exclusive."

I love the part were mikeslemonade says "They make a big deal about any exclusive" LOL Like PS3 fanboys didn't brag like UC2 and GoW3 were the second coming of Christ.

And he goes on to say, "Alan Wake is an overated game so stop overhyping it." Really? Can I go in ya time machine with you next time to go into the future so I can play it to make a FAIR judgment for myself?

Any fanboy that wants a system/game to fail is sad. Arent we here to play games? So why would you want something to fail. Stop hating and open ya minds to new things for Christ sake.

wicko3502d ago

So because a COMMUNITY MANAGER said so, without any actual proof, that's case closed? C'mon... the guy who checked this out was right about a ton of other games, I think I would go with his word (and proof) over a community manager's. But we'll see when the game is released.

HolyOrangeCows3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

It's amazing how willing people are to listen to PR tell them a game plays in 720p (He didn't say NATIVE 720p....cough, cough, probably upscaled, cough, based on blurry shots we've seen and lack of realtime HD footage, cough).

EDIT: LOL, look at all the 360 fanboys who didn't question the other article for a second, suddenly pretend like anyone who believed the other article is some sort of idiot.

FA-SHO3502d ago

1 720p game and all the xbots are FREAKIN OUT. Sony's had these for awhile guys CALM DOWN.

ThanatosDMC3501d ago

That's sad that they have to talk about if it's 720p. It's like they expect 360 games not to be 720p native. Shouldnt we expect game of this gen to be at least 720p all ready?

Inside_out3501d ago

Comes out in a couple of wks...judge then...easily one of the best looking games this generation of gaming....wait and see...

Dee_913501d ago

lol nothing better than seeing fanboys get proven wrong .. well u cant blame them they had false info is all

+ Show (62) more repliesLast reply 3501d ago
Hiruma Youchi3502d ago

stupid droids were talking out their asses once again.

Zero 0073502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )


infamousinfolite3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

You should really start doing what we do DEFEND DEFEND DEFEND when certain articles like that come up. But anyway, Welcome back!

HolyOrangeCows3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Enjoy this article while you can, xbots. When it's confirmed that Alan Wake doesn't play in NATIVE 720p, you'll be right back were you started.

It's always funny to see bots huddle up to some good PR BS opposed to a creditable third party who discovered the res of the 360 versions of FF13 and Splinter Cell Conviction.

playstation_clan3501d ago

or wasnt final fantasy 13 576p, and that was on the ps3 but a 360 exclusive gets 720p.

Well, it might look better than uncharted ONE! but thats a big might

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3501d ago
Zero 0073502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

check AW support 720p

Alan wake answer all PS3 graphics Buhahhahahahhaha

PoorStation 3 cant handle AW graphics Confirm by SONY

i cant stop laughing Buhahahahhaahaha

Lionhead3502d ago

Oh you replied on your main account this time.

Did the-warriors get banned? :(

GiantEnemyCrab3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

That other thread will be saved in the vault of "ultimate ownage" here on N4G. I see some stocks plummeting.

I'm still not %100 convinced until I hear it from a Remedy dev but if it does get further confirmed it will be funny as hell.

@Lionhead: Amen! Back at you! Haters be damned!

Lionhead3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Who cares lol

Alan Wake looks epic, resolution and graphics don't matter to me. Pixel counters can do what they want. After 5 years+ of waiting nothing can stop my excitement.

+Bubs for GEC :D

Please give me more disagrees, Zero and his multiple account make 2 and then the PS3 fanboys who dislike me liking Alan Wake and giving GEC a bubble. lol

awesomeperson3502d ago

Umm just to let you know, supporting a certain resolution has NOTHIGN to do with how good the graphics are.

By that logic, GT5 Prologue which runs in 1080p should look better then almost all games, including Uncharted 2 and GoW3. Is that the case? No.

By the way most PS3 games, if not all, run in 720p, its the NORMAL thing for this gen.