HawtWired: Six Million Sims Can't Be Wrong


"The most dedicated SimCity player in history has cropped up recently on Reddit. YouTube user TheImperar posted the video of his manically devised SimCity 3000 city in January, but it wasn't until recently that people began to take notice.

Vast diagrams and calculations, paired with good old fashioned trial-and-error led TheImperar to devise the layout of Magnasanti, a SimCity boasting over 6 million inhabitants. Completely cheat free. That's right, he played the game legitimately with a plan and dedication, and by the in-game year 50,000 AD saw the fruition of his hard work.

By the way, in real-world time, he plugged over three years into the development and production of his city. What was the last game you were willing to play over-and-over for three years?"

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