Baxy-Z: Monster Hunter Tri Preview

A portion of a Baxy-Z preview:

"Monster Huntrer Tri may be some of the best online play to look forward to on the Wii for years, which, if true, I would hope brings in more new players than those brilliant cutscenes from the advertisements. It's about time the Wii got a good online romp. Stay tuned for more MH3 on Baxy-z in the near future."

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Shnazzyone3104d ago

I hope there is some lockon feature i don't understanbd because that damn camera is hard to work with otherwise... I totally get the appeal of it... I'm glad i preordered this. That new controller is gonna be sick and at that price I simply can't resist. Only 10 more bucks :D

Myst3104d ago

Nope, no lock-on never has been never will be it helps with the difficulty of the game though :). Anyway yeah it takes some getting used to and I had to play a total of 12 or so times before getting completely used to the camera controls and this was on my Classic Controller. The Pro model should be a lot easier and more interesting.