Jaffe's Next Game Plot Planning Shows Twisted Images

PSLS writes: God of War creator and Twisted Metal Director, David Jaffe has frequently teased his upcoming game, with the twitter and blogging addict purposely and accidentally releasing numerous clues about the title. In a recent post on his personal blog, Jaffe may have let slip some important details about his game from Eat Sleep Play.

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doctorstrange3105d ago

This really makes me think it must be Twisted Metal

cry from the sky3105d ago

stop bieng suck a b!tch and make a new twisted metal! goty 2010(i hope so)

3105d ago
presto7173105d ago

Announce Twisted Metal PS3 already!!!! All this waiting and hoping is agonizing.

3105d ago
DarkTower8053105d ago

I hate racing games, but Twisted Metal has always had a place in my heart. I'm sure nothing will release this year however, a new TM game would be c0ckblocking GT and Mod Nation Racers. I think it will be a 2011 release.

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kaveti66163105d ago

Sony probably isn't letting Jaffe officially announce what the game is, but that isn't stop this dude from constantly teasing gamers with what it might be. I think it's Twisted Metal but Sony may not want to let it out of the bad because a hidden arsenal is better than a fully known lineup. Maybe Sony doesn't want Microsoft to know so that Microsoft won't be able to counter with anything.

doctorstrange3105d ago

The reason why Sony doesnt want the game to be revealed is that they like to announce them at proper events like E3, where they can get the most coverage.

decimalator3105d ago

Yeah, I'm guessing it will be revealed at E3

West_Coast_G3105d ago

We might hear/see something at E3, but considering it's still in the story board stage, we probably won't see this game on store shelves until 2H 2011

SlyGuy3105d ago buying the rights to produce Vigilante 8? lol.

On another I cannot WAIT for a new TM on PS3. I hope the multiplayer is as awesome as Warhawk. It definitely has HUGE potential on the trey.

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user94220773105d ago long will you keep at it, man - just reveal the game

Trexman893105d ago

I can't really make out the images that well.

Ed Wood3105d ago

I don't know, is anyone else really bored w/ Jaffe? When I think of what game he is making and his blogs I just lose interest immediately. I mean if you want to talk about your damn game then do so if not then stop the crap until you are ready to talk about it.

If Jaffe was not so insistent of the fact that he can not talk about his game yet and then he actually does that is one thing but he clearly states to the press that he is under lock and key but then does these lame attempts to tease? Whatever. Keep contradicting yourself Jaffe and I will slowly keep ignoring you and think what a wonderful developer you used to be.

LeonSKennedy4Life3105d ago

You're like the kid who plays hide 'n seek...but gets bored halfway through and ditches the game...even though you're the only one who wanted to play in the first place.

Nobody wants to play with you...and that hot chick you were hoping to hide with is going home with another dude.

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The story is too old to be commented.