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Samuel Claiborn writes "It's hard to criticize 3D Dot Game Heroes for invoking Shigeru Miyamoto, widely recognized as gaming's most important figure, as its muse. 3D Dot Game Heroes offers a repackaged vintage gaming experience with obvious, but appropriate, improvements in graphics and presentation while leaving some elements -- like a frustrating difficulty -- untouched. Other Zelda imitators seem to lose sight of the playfulness and irreverence that Miyamoto and others infused classic games with, but 3D Dot Game Heroes never pretends that it's anything but a game, and games like 3D Dot Game Heroes should be played."

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George Sears4123d ago

Not bad. Looking forward to this one.

-Alpha4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

And it's $40. It's at the top of my PS3 list for 2010, I'm so happy it's scoring great.

6.5 for Sound:
"Old-school, perhaps to a fault; even the greatest tunes can get old on infinite repeat. The sound effects are appropriately awful"

Valid complaint but it's completely done on purpose, so I appreciate it. I like how it sounds like Zelda. The game is clever. The art style is gorgeous. The story is witty and charming.

"You can easily lose 20 hours here or race through it in less than 10."

I don't like short games, but it's FORTY DOLLARS! This game barely has any love and it totally deserves it.


Haha! The show is great. It was either this avatar or one of Walter White from Breaking Bad. Besides, it took me three days to figure out he wasn't leaning on his own hand, so it makes the pic that much better.

The Wood4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

dont cha

u hiding something 0_o

dont worry, im ON this game as soon as it lands

MajestieBeast4123d ago

ALAN WAKE SPOILER!!!!! further down

-Alpha4123d ago

BIGPAYBACK999 just messaged me it, so avoid him. Apparently some idiots are stupid enough to fall for the trap that the PS3 spoiler troll started.

Spoiling 360 games only continues the circle, morons.


I can't believe how under appreciated this game is. Maybe I just like it too much, but it looks great.

Wake4123d ago

Thanks for the warning

On topic,
This game has really went under the radar I had no idea it was so close to release date, Although am guessing Europe aka me will have to wait awhile longer.

TheHater4123d ago

while Xbox 360 exclusive get review a day or two before release. Doesn't anyone else find that odd? I didn't notice it until this past week when Splinter Cell was reviewed. I thought the game was coming out next week because reviews were just starting to pop up.

As for this game, can't wait. Hopefully, I will have the time to explore everything because my school is killing me with work right now.

Aphe4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Whoops wrong comment.

Hank Hill4123d ago

Wow, I didn't know 3D Dot was only $40.

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Darkstorn4123d ago

Great review. This one went under my radar, but I might try it out after all.

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fox024123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

You bash Dante's Inferno for being a God of War rip-off, but this game gets a free pass?

HolyOrangeCows4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

"'You can easily lose 20 hours here or race through it in less than 10.'
I don't like short games, but..."
10-20 hours isn't even short for a full priced game.

You're trying too hard, xbox05. Dante's Inferno was a crappy GOW rip-off. THIS GAME is both a parody, and is looking to be, a good game.

4123d ago
Chaostar4123d ago comes out the day I go on holiday and I won't be able to play it for 2 weeks! :(

-Alpha4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

@Orange Cows

10-20 Hours is short for me, but if you quoted my entire comment you'd know that I am fine with it because it retails for $40.

10-20 hours is unacceptable at $70-$80 and unfortunately games are that expensive here in Canada at least.

Yeah but this game is not trying to kill Zelda or BE Zelda, it's paying homage and I consider that different. Perhaps Dante tried the same thing but 360 fanboys hyped it as the GoW killer and it didn't score too well either so it couldn't even stand well on its own legs.

red5ive4123d ago

definitely a buy for me! but can you imagine if it had multiplayer co-op? hilarity would for sure ensue!!

danielle0074123d ago

Dante's Inferno stole everything from God of War... Except it's amazingness.

3D Dot Game Heroes apparently stole some amazingness to boot.

Digitaldude4123d ago

Dragons consider him as a boss.

vhero4123d ago

doing it for old skool sound.... IGN are the worst reviewers ever......... If this was called Zelda (insert title here) this would have 10's everywhere shoddy journalism at it's best.

Tricksy4122d ago

2010 looks awesome for me;

3D Dot Game Heroes; funny, fun and forty bucks

Mod Nation Racers; omg this game looks hilarious fun, the playstations brand of mario cart, its seems like fat princess characters in cars, going to be great

Final Fantasy 14; well i loved FF11 and hopefully this delivers comparable depth and community as well as beauty that can be stared at as long as MMOGs require

I bought FF13; but im not really impressed so far /sadface

GT5 (maybe prolly not though)- im not a racer-racer, you know? ill get my kicks from Modnation and leave the GT5 to the reacer-racers...

Bob-Dole4122d ago

Bob Dole is very interested as well. 40$ is a steal for Bob Dole.

Bob Dole.

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Chris3994123d ago

Pre-ordered this off of Amazon already - can't wait.

Darkfiber4123d ago

Uhh, Demon's Souls plays VERY much like a western RPG, and 3D Dot Game Heroes (and Zelda) are adventure games, not RPGs, and certainly not JRPGs.

-Alpha4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Yeah, Fiber is right. Demon's Souls is actually considered WRPG. There's some history between what WRPG and JRPG means, and Kevin Van Ord from Gamespot explained it to me once. Demon's Souls is a WRPG, and a great one too.

Also, From Software didn't make this game, it's just published by Atlus.

@Chris Below

Not going to argue you, I could be wrong, but that's what I heard from the Editor on Gamespot. Maybe my memory is hazy.

PirateThom4123d ago

Demon's Souls is, if anything, a JRPG.

It's a role playing game, from Japan.

Chris3994123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

That's what Demon's Souls is based upon; it's the spiritual successor to those games. Punishing systems, grueling dungeon-crawls, endless grinding. And unlike Oblivion where you can contentedly grind to Goldly caliber, you have little sense of power in these games even after hundreds of hours. A sense of "skill" is honed instead.

The series is thoroughly Japanese. You won't find an NA RPG as punishing as DS; Westerners don't like to grind.

Demon's Souls is NOT a WRPG. It is a sequel of sorts to King's Field - look it up.

Edit: It's a generalization, Bandit. Meaning not true in every instance. Stop being smarmy :) I like to grind too. In the bedroom, in my video-games, on the dance-floor, wherever.

P.S. Alpha, I stand corrected. From just published the game in Japan. DS and Kingsfield were both developed by From Software though. Links:

Both articles mention DS as being a spiritual successor to King's Field. Peace.

TheBand1t4123d ago

I don't like to grind? who knew

Aphe4123d ago

Demon's Souls is very much in the WRPG RPG catagory really, but with a Japanese harshness. It owes more to western rpgs in its look and style anyway.

OT. Another game I'll be buying this year. This year's jam packed.

Philaroni4123d ago

Ya First Armored Core, then Chromehounds, then Ninja Blade, then Demon Souls now 3D Game Heros.

Wish they do a Chromehounds 2 but don't see that happening.

raztad4123d ago

DS is a fully action JRPG, the only thing westernized is the setting. Game is not even openworld, nor does have side quests. If anything DS breaks every convention and push the genre forward with its innovative and challenging gameplay.

3D Dots is looking to be a good game. Need to read more about it.

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Raf1k14123d ago

It's looking good. It also costs less than the standard game too which is a plus.

PirateThom4123d ago

Definitely been looking forward to this one.

MajestieBeast4123d ago

Next FromSoftware should do a retro jrpg like chrono trigger or a 2d side scroller like contra we need more games like this withe retro fell but still updated for this gen.