Engadget & Joystiq live from Microsoft's E3 2007 keynote (Recap+Pics)

For those that did not get to see streaming videos or G4TV for the Event. Plenty of pictures here, and as well some humor, from start to finish.

What did you like? as well as some of your disappointments?

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Lord Anubis5928d ago

this should have been submitted earlier. Any who, the pictures make it worth the contribution.


The Best Selling Xbox 360 Games of all Time

Want to know what the the best selling Xbox 360 games of all time are? Well look no further, as we delve deep into this consoles' catalogue.


20 Best Xbox 360 Games of All Time

The Xbox 360 is one of the most successful consoles ever made, and the best games in its library are a huge part of why.

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dazzysima261d ago

My first thought. Deserved to be somewhere in there.

Vits263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

That is the most "normie" list that I ever saw. This does make some sense given the console in question, but still.

Tacoboto262d ago

Sure, the list itself sucks. But that click-saver table-of-contents, every list should have that.

BrainSyphoned262d ago

Might as well list it as the One's top twenty as well since all it had for games was backward compatibility.

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