Blu-ray and DLC don't see eye to eye

Sony has told MCV that the cost of producing Blu-ray SKUs is the reason behind why many of the boxed expansion packs that get released on Xbox 360 and PC only get a PSN release on PS3.

A number of games – including Dragon Age, Borderlands and Fallout 3 – have seen their post-release DLC get bundled onto disc and sold at retail on Microsoft's machines, but the exact reason behind their failure to do the same on PS3 has until now been a bit of a mystery.

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Wrathman4253d ago

ahhh now i see why certain devs do want to do ps3.blu-ray cost significantly more to produce on.and thats why more devs that were producing ps only games went to xbox.profit margin.i dont know the exact price of dvd9 and blu-ray discs but im guessing its better for devs to sell 500,000 copies on dvd9 than sell 700,000 on blu-ray.

so blu-ray is bad for devs.

sony should be begging MS to adopt blu-ray.

Pennywise4253d ago

Some people should just keep their opinions to themselves... like you. Do you understand how much time, work, and money it takes a company to license over 1000 cars? They have to license Nascar, F1 and every other trademarked name in the game. They also have to pay to license all of the real tracks they are including in the game.

Why don't you ask your demigod microsoft why their cheap DVD9 games costs the same as bluray when you buy them from the store? Use your damn head before you post.

Serg4253d ago

After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him. The moral: When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut.

Christopher4253d ago

Actually, it's been proven that royalty fees are less on the PS3 than the 360. Rockstar and others had much higher profit margins on their PS3 sales than they had on 360 sales.

Chris3994253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

you get blu-ray releases that contain additional content on account of the excess space - Star Ocean, Tales of Vesperia, for example. And Oblivion GOTY shipped on 1 blu-ray as opposed to 2 DVDs, so there are situations like that, as well.

The shaft goes both ways, to PS3 and 360 gamers alike. A lot of this "we have to" release DLC reasoning is really just obfuscation for the money-grab that is going on. No one HAS to release paid DLC, it's business decision ffs.

P.S. Check out the mental illness happening in the Open Zone lol.

TheHater4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

DLC is just an excuse for developers to cut content from the game only to release them as payed DLC day and day as the game release. That is why I am so turn off by buying a lot of multiplatform games because of this crap. Half of the time, those day one DLC are already on the Disk and you are just paying to unlock them.

IdleLeeSiuLung4253d ago

Well said, the shaft do go both ways. There are benefits and weaknesses to all systems. Pick what works best for you or do like I did and get all three!!!

Biggest4253d ago

No, sir. The shaft isn't because of the PS3's weakness. It's because of the developers need for extra cash. If it can all fit on one disk to begin with, why separate it? The developers are using DVD as an excuse for their laziness and greed.

vhero4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

Always said this in my comments it was kind of a no brainer. By next year though it will change as Blu-Rays will be as cheap as DVD's.

Gothdom4253d ago

can't the devs use a standard DVD for the ps3 DLC anyway?

edhe4253d ago

"The developers are using DVD as an excuse for their laziness and greed."

Yes because every developer is a fatcat guzzling down cheetos and buying up property with your DLC coins.

WTF child, get a grip. The devs need paid, and not many games make that much money.

Christopher4253d ago

I'm confused as I sit here looking at my Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, Oblivion GotY, and Fallout 3 GotY discs with all the content on one disc.

Are we really saying that the cost of Blu-ray is a failure when we're talking about content that wouldn't even fill 10% of a Blu-ray's space being sold on one? If it's that small, I hear every single new PS3 comes with 120GB of space right out of the box and you can download these small file-sized items from the PSN. I did that with Fallout 3 without any issues at all, and it didn't even make a dent on my HDD space.

The funny thing is that for publishers, DLC is more cost effective than having to put DLC on a disc and sell it that way.

DJexs4252d ago

Try lazy devs. Oblivion did it and many others as well there is no excuse besides laziness.

PandaJenkins4252d ago

It has nothing to do with lazyness. They make the content after they have finished the final product of the game. They don't finish the game right before it releases you know... usually a month or more before it actually comes out.

RuPaul4252d ago

LMAO @ this clown. The devs do get paid and 99% of DLC is a ripoff and should have been put in with the original game.

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stonecold14253d ago

holds ps3 development back which is true thats why games like final fantasy 13 dosent have the towns npc huge world shops they were all taken out because of 360 couldnt handle it and then now we have quantam theory coming out and the ps3 version should have came out a while ago and now the flopbox is holding that game back so im no longer intrested in that game look at tekken 6 that game was held back to and it look awful it look like a ps2 game since they ported to the psp they might as well put it on ps2 and wii never played that game ever again no wonder developers get greedy in the end they will flop because if final fantasy 13 had stayed exclusive to ps3 13 would be in the top cvharts in japan and now it fell of the rader hopefully vs will do better numbers in japan once it comes out glads its a ps3 exclusive so there im so happy that it wont get gimped be by the gimpbox end of statement

jagstatboy4253d ago

commas and periods are your friend.

Gamingskills4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

How is it possible that the Xbox 360 held back Tekken 6 when in fact the arcade game was out like almost a year before the consoles and both consoles are a carbin copy, other than extra characters, of the arcade version! Do your research before you speak! Fanboyism is a hell of a drug!

Kratos Spartan4253d ago

They have the discs here in the U.S.

scruffy_bear4253d ago

I ask this very question to Sony and was told that while Sony US allow both retail DLC and PSN DLC, Sony EU didn't allow it and you have choice of retail DLC or PSN DLC but not both.

What is werid those is GTA IV DLC was relased on both the PSN store and DLC. So I don't really know what Sony playing at

Godmars2904253d ago

Then Sony should allow DVDs to be used for DLC. Its not like the PS3 can't read them, its just a choice of corporate pride.

thehitman4253d ago

It is unnecessary if there is a PSN form I think the best way is through the PSN unless your a kid and dont have someone to buy things off the store for you, but now I think PSN cards are easy to find.

Pennywise4253d ago

I want all of my discs to be bluray just for the protective coating. Ive gone through too many scratched DVD's. Let DVD die already.(or add the same coating)

wicko4253d ago

There should be DVDs, I mean yeah PSN is great but clearly there is a market for people who don't buy stuff online, otherwise we wouldn't see boxed DLC for 360 either.

Godmars2904253d ago

Even if its free, not everyone who owns a PS3 has online. Its also not like by adopting a different standard, allowing game DLC to be put on DVDs, that its going to hurt the spread of BR in the market.

Not when you've got movie packages that advertise and offer a BR copy, a DVD copy and a DDL copy on disc.

FragGen4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

You know, none of this'd be an issue if they sold the entire game upfront rather than meting it out bit by bit.

Don't get me wrong with a game like Fallout 3 for example, I think the original game was "complete" and the expansions added enough value that the DLC was warranted and the original game was worth its price and some of the DLC was. But I think EA (in particular), Activision, and Ubi are all getting dollar signs in their eyes now and we are only just seeing the tip of the iceberg on the abuse of this business model.

EA will be the worst publisher for consumers again in two to three years,IMHO.

Making you pay more than once for the same product is ANY media company's holy grail. That business model has caused the record and movie companies to sell their souls and now it's happening in games.

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