Splinter Cell on PS3: "We'll have to see"

VG247: Ubisoft's Maxime Béland has told VG247 that as far as Splinter Cell on PlayStation 3 goes in the future, the company is taking a 'wait and see' approach.

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cry from the sky3109d ago

what ever happens is fine with me, im into old school splinter cell but this is a renter, but if it DOES come on ps3, i will be able to check it out. back to mgs4.

Tachyon_Nova3109d ago

We'll have to see what? If Ubisoft have a brain? Does Ubisoft want a fatter wallet? What is the problem with porting the games to PS3? It's simply not a big enough franchise to be viable as a console exclusive. Even if it is for this gen, what happens next generation when some 360 owners choose to go to the PS4, then you'll be loosing your market, because the PS3 owners shopping to Xbox 3 will not be fans of the series.

Third party franchise exclusivity = stupid move.

C-R-E-A-M3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Splinter cell on ps3....I say thanks but no thanks!!!!!! Killzone 3 on ps3.Crysis better console version on ps3...E.T.C...... we dont need a splinter cell on ps3. :)

But i would not mind gears 1/2/3 on ps3.

Raoh3109d ago

i'm on the opposite end C-R-E-A-M

i've played gears, not that impressed.. splinter cell i'd love to see on my ps3.. not that it matters to me as i'm working on building a new pc this weekend and will play it but i think ps3 owners would appreciate splinter cell more than gears

gaffyh3109d ago

Must be waiting to see what the sales are like. I'd guess a maximum of 2 million sales on 360 only, but more likely about 1.5 million imo. Really though, I think it would need more than that to make a profit after it's been in development for so many years, unless MS paid for part of the development.

HolyOrangeCows3109d ago

I don't want it on any platform. The Ai stinks, it's short, it's built with old technology, sub-HD, and they took basic stealth mechanics out from previous games (According to them, they didn't have time to add body moving.....5 years not long enough?).

nix3109d ago

well... PS3 can't be overlooked anymore. plus it's freaking future proof.

madmonkey03109d ago

splinter cell is already on ps3, in the form of splinter cell: double agent.

hay3109d ago

@nix: And despite bigger Xbox install base PS3 earns more money for companies like EA or Ubisoft(source: it was raped several times during the last year). MS just had to offer something for exclusivity. It works both ways for bigger third parties. I doubt Ubisoft suddenly found PS3 too hard to develop.

Kratos Spartan3109d ago

how good the sales are on the 360, then they'll decide.

vhero3109d ago

thanks to terrible ratings its no doubt gonna happen now as it will bomb in sales as fanboys will no longer pick it up thanks to it not being a high rating exclusive (even though its not an exclusive being on windows but 360 fanboys pretend PC doesn't exist even though they use PC to post here) .

IdleLeeSiuLung3109d ago

The article is saying FUTURE Splinter Cell titles on PS3 is a wait and see....

TheBlackSmoke3109d ago

...If Microsofts next cheque bounces.

Blaze9293109d ago

they're talking about the future of Splinter Cell - not Conviction

SeanRL3109d ago

Why must they torment us? SC on ps3 would be great and I'm really hoping they bring it over.

ChozenWoan3109d ago

They better give it the Sigma treatment.

I'm just saying.

PopEmUp3109d ago

that I can rent this game, an overnight would do it for me I meant to complete the game lol

Microsoft Xbox 3603109d ago

"We"ll have to see what MS has to offer us first."

WildArmed3109d ago

If it does come to PS3, i can scratch it off my to buy list.
My friend, who doesn't really have a gaming rig and ps3 only owner, would buy this day one.
So than i can steal his copy after he is done w/ it xD
And invest my game into another game that we can share down the down.

Liquid_Ocelot3109d ago

Good to hear, specially for those that are Splinter Cell-hungry at the moment. Hopefully they do port their games, or make a new one for the PS3. Personally, Splinter Cell died for me with Double Agent. I expected another Chaos Theory but ended up being disappointed buy D.A. :(

Still, great news for those that want a new Splinter Cell.

Liquid_Ocelot3109d ago

I meant "by"
...Stupid BlackBerry (^_^)

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Wrathman3109d ago

hardly surprising if it did.i know chaos theory was on the ps2.

Briefcase Joe3109d ago

I think sales will determine when/if it comes to the PS3. If it sells good, it might be a while before it comes to the PS3, if ever. If it sells poorly, it will be on the PS3 this year.

raztad3109d ago

That makes sense but then if it sells poor why would it perform better on the PS3, especially considering it's coming late? I smell a huge flop as other late ports have already shown.

BTW, I'm not buying a 576p game for my PS3 at full price. Bargain bin or just PC version.

himdeel3109d ago

...and if it didn't they've be wasting their time bringing it to PS3. Porting and old game hoping to make a profit is just plain old dumb.

Snappy3109d ago

Loved the first 3 splinter cell game , wasnt keen on double agent. The latest one not bad , but nothing special.

ArcFatalix3109d ago

if you do bring it to the ps3, update it so that we can carry bodies around otherwise keep that 5 hour sht on 360 and pc.

-MD-3109d ago

Why would you want to carry bodies around? There are rooms where you fight 30 enemies and having to hide every body would be so lame.