E3 2007: Mirror's Edge

The fine folks at DICE have wowed us with Battlefield, their uniquely appealing multiplayer action franchise. But now the Stockholm-based developer is turning their attention to the action adventure genre. Confirmed today by Electronic Arts, the "revolutionary new take on the first person action adventure category" Mirror's Edge is due out in 2008 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Though the basic description of the game seems like a radical departure for the developer, DICE's general manager Patrick Soderlund is hoping they can bring the same level of innovation to the action adventure genre as they brought to the multiplayer shooter.

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Legionaire20055308d ago

One game that tried to do more with the first person view was Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. In that game you can actually see your feet, fighting for the shotgun on the enemy's hand while turning the trigger on him to blast his head off!!! fight in arenas from the first person perspective and more. That game was ahead of its time for Xbox, like Perfect Dark did for Nintendo 64. Yet many games during the original Xbox and Xbox360 still lack next gen in first person. Condemn was one of the few games that followed the path to next gen. If there is a Doom 4 I want to see in-your-face-and-jumping-out-t he-chair-moments!!! for example have a monster throw you across the room in many exciting!!! ways unaware.