Okamiden Development Blog Starts

Andriasang: Capcom's talking about the DS sequel to Okami once again. Could a release be far behind?

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Agent_Cody_Banks3199d ago

Better come to the US. Okami is one of my favorite games ever.

Ironfungus3199d ago

I believe it was trademarked in Europe and the US not too long ago. It's definitely coming out in the US.

Venox20083199d ago

One of the best games ever!!! :)

gillri3199d ago

Okami is one of the greatest game ever released for sure, but I would have wanted a PS3 game

Hakimy3199d ago

even if there was a ps3 version,I don't think it will be as amazing as the first game since Kamiya left Capcom but you never know ;)