Sony Pulls The Plug On PSP Social Network Service

When Sony introduced the PSPgo in Japan they showed off Room. The service was supposed to be in the spirit of a PlayStation Home away from your home. Room is a community based platform with 3D avatars. A closed beta went live last year and now… Room is locked away in some abandoned IP closet at Sony.

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fox023108d ago

Probably because they couldn't handle the huge success it was.

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ReBurn3108d ago

I never even knew this network existed. Interesting.

sinncross3108d ago

It debuted at TGS 2009 if I am not mistaken.

Sony should rather just make Home available for PSP users and allow PSP users to interact with PS3 users (thus possibly increasing the usage of the app).

But, keep the animation feel for the PSP version (easier to process the graphics I assume)

Kwertie3108d ago

Wow, this doesn't look anything like the Wii's avatar creation does it?

champ213108d ago

Its the inevitable fate for any console based network.

Its why i love PC.

A dacade later both the games i love CS1.6 & Warcraft 3 still going strong. With no threat of anyone taking them down.

IdleLeeSiuLung3108d ago

True, but that was the PC games of yesterday. New games seems to use proprietary networks like Battle .Net, so if Blizzard decides to pull the plug that is it....

Good news is Blizzard is good to their customers, bad thing is Activision is in the mix.

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