Naruto: Rise of a Ninja Now on Demand

Namco Bandai's Naruto Rise of a Ninja is now available for digital purchase via the Xbox Live's Game on Demand.

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Yi-Long3110d ago

Naruto; Rise of a Ninja costs 10 euro in our local stores.

It's 30 DOLLARS in the USA through the 'on demand', which is like 22 euro(!)

The price for this game On Demand for people in Holland: 30 euro! Which is 41 dollars(!) for a game that's over 2 years old and is available in stores with casing and booklet for a third of the price(!)

Nice going, Microsoft(!)
I can't believe there are actually idiots out there buying these On Demand 'offers'. You'd be ripped off. You can pick up 3-4 good quality games from the bargain-bins instead of buying one of these 'on demand' deals.

You'd THINK that cutting out the middle man (retailer) and cutting out all the costs of the casing, booklet, transport, etc etc, would mean these games could be offered for a relatively fair and cheap price through the On Demand option, but I guess Microsoft thinks differently...