Chatpad Messenger Kit will cost $30

The Chatpad will be part of what is called the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit which will also include a separate headset and retail for $29.99.

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Crazyglues4307d ago

I was ready to buy it when they first announced the spring update, I thought it was coming out then.

But after all that, nothing not even a word on what's happening, no stores ( had the thing listed, so it's good to finally hear some news on the thing.

So it cost $30 bucks, ok I'm fine with that but having to wait until September kinda sucks... but ok at least they are talking about the thing again.

Odion4307d ago

hey it comes with a headset so the value is pretty good!

sticky doja4307d ago

Mic's cost $20.00 by themselves, $10 more is not bad at all. I just wish it was commin before September 4 cuz my mic earpeice is screwed up cuz of all my drunk buddies tuggin and tossin it around. Was about to go get another one but I think I'll wait on the pad.

Greysturm4307d ago

... wouldnt it be easier to make a cheap usb or wireless keyboard and add the headset?. Well cuess it will serve double function for some reason i dont find it visually atracting hopefully it will be ergonomical and dont spoil the rumble features.

ironwolf4307d ago

Let's hurry it up. there, MS.

xbox360elitegamer4307d ago

Not really appealing to me, I can't use messenger while playing, I think it's a waist of money. But if you like chatting it might me a good thing to buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.