Spawn Kill Editorial: What I've Learned From Pokemon

Brittany "Molotov Cupcake" Vincent of Spawn Kill writes:

"I've grown up - rather fondly, I might add - with Pokémon. Over the years the several different hundreds of pocket monsters have become my dear friends. Simply settling into a new game (like I've recently done with Heart Gold) is a comfort to me. In a tumultuous, changing world, I find solace in the fact that while the games have metamorphosed over the years, whittling down a health bar or throwing a Poké Ball haven't changed. When so many things I can't control refuse to stay the same, these smaller precious memories become infinitely more dear to me."

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K-Tuck4213d ago

I'm surprised I haven't ever played any of these, what with my predisposition to catching all of things.

rrquinta4213d ago

Hope that doesn't include STDs...

Seriously, though, I never played any of the Pokemon games either... I think I was just a little too old when the craze first hit, and then I just had other things to play, I guess.

theherp804213d ago

I learned that its stupid and a waste of money lol jk :)i never got into it though i had to watch a lot of it when babysitting my cousins