Burnout Paradise Full Gameplay Trailer

Criterion have published the first ever gameplay footage from Burnout Paradise on their official website. The 1 minuet 43 second video shows pre-alpha shots of racing in Burnout Paradise including (and this is what we've been waiting for) crashes! Below are some video caps (also added to the screenshots page) and the link to download the video, enjoy.

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InMyOpinion4307d ago

Looks completely insane. The physics make it look like real car crashes.

yocdub4307d ago

Oh not the game, the game looks fantastic. I really need to have a extra pair of Underwear at work after seeing that.

MK_Red4307d ago

Agreed, this is Burnout fan's wet dream come true. I can breathe, let alone wait.

MK_Red4307d ago

And this is the Pre-Alpha version!! The game could use more colors but the sound effects are mind(ear)blowing.

xbox360elitegamer4307d ago

SWEEET!!!! Love the crashing, the moves, the jumps, the cars everything, can't wait to play!!!

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