E-Sport History's Biggest Scandal

The e-Sport country of the world is electronically rioting over the biggest scandal in the history of gaming.

It might seem almost silly to be so upset about a betting on games that takes place on a computer, but gaming in general - and StarCraft in particular - is the South Koreans' answer to our sport culture in the West and illegal betting with teams throwing games is like toying with the very fabric of what makes up the average Korean.

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Cogo4553d ago

Koreans are so weird :)

I suppose they are not paying their players enough then, if it's enough money to be had in betting to make it worth their while to throw matches. Or are they just greedy?

Leord4553d ago

They are, but they are reacting similarly to Americans and the Black Sox, only electronically :P

Perhaps less effigy's...

Danteh4553d ago

damn, this suddenly made me realize that Korea is sooo different from the West...

I mean look at the article, that "Boxer is marrying his long time girlfriend" completely reminded me of the apologize attempt Tiger Woods did after making a birdie with those 17 women...

In Korea, games are really THE national sport, ppl there are not from Barça, Manchester United or Red Sox, they are from whatever Starcraft team is more awesome :O

Xulfxulf4553d ago

proof that esports are starting to matter. people bet on it, and players can earn more money throwing matches for gamblers than they can from prize money.

Cogo4553d ago

Funny that even sports is part of the market in terms of supply and demand :)

4553d ago
Leord4553d ago

Heh, it kind of shows WHY professional sports players are so well paid. If there's an imbalance on how much money the organizers and betting agents get compared to the players, things like this will happen, like the Black sox :P

Xulfxulf4553d ago

Also, how do you lose in SC without it being detectable? Just screw up your micro, or what? it would be obvious if you weren't going up the tech tree or trying all out for some rush that would never work.

Cogo4553d ago

No clue, but then again, I wouldn't know if another sportsman was throwing his game either...

mrv3214553d ago

It's not even a mistake that can cause you to loose a game, even by not doing something TINY you'll make it impossiple to win.

Leord4553d ago

I would not be surprised if they DO take to the streets to be honest.

What if there was a similarly big thing with professional football? (Soccer, for Americans).

Holyknight30004553d ago

I'm hoping it doesn't come to this either. Guess ill be hearing this in the news tomorrow if it does come to this /facepalm.

Shayagor4553d ago

It's happened in Italy. Juventus lost a couple of titles and was penalized by being demoted to 2nd division. AC Milan, Fiorentina and a few others were penalized with less points, Team Owners were expelled and referees too.

It's just weird to see this over gaming since I think most people still see it as recreational and not a golf (:P)

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