April Games That You WIll Get The Most Out Of

RespawnAction: " Having trouble deciding which game to get this month? So many options but nowhere to turn? Or are you only able to get one game at the moment and don't know which one provides the most bang for the buck? Well, here are the games that we feel will provide the most play per dollar."

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WildArmed3113d ago

The only game I've been keeping an eye out due this april is SC:C.
I dont think i'll be playing anything in April other than SC:C,.. whenever I choose to pick that up..

I'm heavily addicted to WKC and MAG atm.. well mainly WKC, MAG is just a pace changer.

The co-op in SC:C has really intrigued me.. since I'mma die hard co-op fan..
(which is why i'm playing WKC lol)

ian723113d ago

The only game I will be getting this month is GTA episodes on blu-ray. I would get SC:C if I had 360 but I don't and I'm not getting it for PC due to the DRM. Maybe it will be out for PS3 one day.
Cheap month for games for me.

DlocDaBudSmoka3113d ago

sounded interesting. the more old west games the better i think. thats a time period that hasnt been done to death. i.e. WW2