StarCraft II Monthly Fees are Confirmed, but As of Yet Only in Russia

StarCraft II fans in Russia will pay for the game differently than the rest of Europe.

Blizzard previously told us they would adapt the monetizing of StarCraft II to each region and Russians have obviously been deemed more accepting to monthly fees than other parts of Europe.

When the initial term has run out, a monthly fee will have to be paid to continue to play online. Blizzard has not yet confirmed exact price range.

Blizzard has only specifically confirmed this will not happen in Poland, where information first arose.

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Terrice5214d ago

This can't be a good sign...

Leord5214d ago

I can kind of understand their thinking behind this, but any sort of monthly fees in the west must be a bad PR decision :P

champ215214d ago

Looks like they want to test the waters.

They will initially sell as many copies as they can, later on when the sales dry up. They might as well start charging for Battle net. At which point they wont care if the game sells further or not, they will milk the people who want to carry on playing the game.

Think ill stick with SC1 and warcraft 3.

5214d ago
Bereaver5214d ago

There is no way in hell, I would ever pay 2 play this online.

This doesn't require anywhere as much as an MMO requires.

Constant updates, new quests, and whatever else needs be done.

wicko5214d ago

Wow, screw off Activision.. I mean, it could be a Blizzard decision but it sounds more like something right up Kotick's alley.

hash015214d ago

Guess they want apply the world of warcraft model with starcraft2!!
Guess I wont be getting starcraft2 then.

JsonHenry5214d ago

I don't want this game that bad. I'll just wait till they make a PROPER Command and Conquer or Supreme Commander sequel.

Proxy5214d ago

I've long speculated about a RTS which reports stats of winning players to a central server which then runs automated balancing. Basically, "oh look, 99% of winners produce nothing but unit X; lets nerf unit X." Save developers the need to balance if implemented well; and would give a ever change game dynamic to keep things fresh. "Unit Y is looking strong this week, I'll have to watch out for them."

Anyways, no typical RTS is worth a monthly fee. And SupCom2 is great, despite what those above me may say. :)

Tarmgar5214d ago

I love Starcraft. It was my first RTS and I still love it to death. But a monthly fee....I'll pass on possbily the best game to come, and then get ruined by monthly fees/micro transactions.

Vertius5214d ago



"PARIS, France - April 8, 2010 - Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. announced today that its highly anticipated real-time strategy game, StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™, will be available both in a standard edition and in a limited-release Collector's Edition packed with exclusive bonus materials. Players who purchase either edition will be able to play online for no additional fee through the new version of Battle.net®, the premier online gaming destination for Blizzard Entertainment gamers."

It's hard to miss it in the press release...

TotalPS3Fanboy5214d ago

...with a Battle Net 2.0 emulator.

vhero5214d ago (Edited 5214d ago )

anbody who pays to play an RTS like this online is retarded. Blizzard/activision are trying to squeeze money from every avenue and as it worked with modern warfare they trying it with this now. No doubt hackers will find a way around this from day 2. This decision could MASSIVELY hit hurt sales. Now we know the real reason they removed LAN nothing to do with piracy its so they could charge for Online and people couldn't use an online server emulator.

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Cogo5214d ago

Well, seeing this, there might very well be some European countries with similar schemes then...

Dorjan5214d ago


and no lan = ...

SC1 will have to do!

Cogo5214d ago

This is one of many reasons LAN should have been added!

dabri55214d ago

This is probably THE reason it wasn't.

Recka5214d ago

Ouch, would suck to live in Russia :(

Terrice5214d ago

Hope it doesn't slowly extend to other countries.

AndyA5214d ago

Kudos to the Poles. Fight the power.

Leord5214d ago

I'm fairly certain this won;t happen in Europe at all.

Mind you, it could be introduced 4-5 years down the line...