IGN: Just How Zelda-like is 3D Dot Game Heroes?

IGN dusted off their copies of the original Legend of Zelda (NES) and its Super Nintendo sequel The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past to show you some of the classic Zelda moments you'll be revisiting in 3D Dot Game Heroes.

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-Alpha3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong but 3D Dot Heroes is borrowing from a lot of retro games, but mainly Zelda, right? I know that it pays homage to NES. I was never a NES gamer but this is bound to attract some more older gamers.

I love Zelda, it's one of my top franchises, and 3D Dot Hero is easily the top of my 2010 list. It's often overlooked but I hope more people pick this title up. The best part is that it retails for a budgetary $40!

The artistic design (3D 8-bit) is a stroke of genius and it looks GORGEOUS.

This could be my 2010 GOTY alongside Halo Reach. If this game ends up being as great as I hope it is then Silicon Studios is going to cement themselves in my Top Developers List.

"The kingdom was once a 2D pixelated world but as the King of the Land felt that sprites were outdated he thus decreed for the kingdom to make the switch to 3D. This caused the entire world to become 3D while still retaining its original pixelated look" Very witty and creative plotline IMO.

I am very confident with this game.

Btw, I wonder how Nintendo feels about this game. Hopefully "lawsuit" doesn't cross their mind.

ChozenWoan3112d ago

Those are the top two games on my soon to get list.

Shendow3112d ago

If the people that help with making the first Zelda made this, I mean the write for DMC made Bay. with Sega.

Don't care about anyone that says its a Zelda rip off, they can just [email protected]$k off, this is a great game and the style of gameplay is something that is unforgettable.

I never got around to fully finishing it on the SNES, didn't get to far on the first Zelda and Zelda 2? Well I got to the final stage an that was it. I almost fully finish the first one on N64.

I had all of those old Zelda games lock on, mostly to keep dust from getting in them, heck I got Super Mario Bros 3.