Spawn Kill Hands-On: Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring

Eric Galaviz of Spawn Kill:

"Mexican wrestling is full of history and tradition that is said to have started the wrestling craze here in America. The wrestling we see now, evolving over the many years into "entertainment," is very different from the Mexican lucha libre. Though the WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA have all seen their perspective games, lucha libre has yet to make it into the virtual space. That was until Slang stepped in to give us Lucha LIbre AAA: Heroes del Ring. This new wrestling title aims to give gamers an authentic lucha libre experience based off of the popular Mexican AAA promotion."

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tigresa3114d ago

That does sound intimidating... Though can't hate on Konami showing pride in their game! I'd want to be a non-speedoed rudo every time. Do the characters they're being modeled off of have Spanish dialogue lines (if the character speaks Spanish)? I'm just curious how authentic they're keeping it.

rrquinta3114d ago

Wow, I never even knew there was a game like this... Mexican wrestling fans must be foaming at the mouth lol.

ihaten4glol3114d ago

This looks interesting. Reminds me of that one anime about luchadors...can't recall its name at the moment.

Snarkasaur3114d ago

I bet I'm the only person on n4g who liked Nacho Libre. :(