Spawn Kill Video Review: Lunar Silver Star Harmony

Spawn Kill's Molotov Cupcake decides to honor the update of a classic with a new technique of her own, Spawn Kill's first video review! See what she thinks of this latest version of Lunar by watching the full video.

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K-Tuck3204d ago

I'm not sure I have ever found a remake to be as appealing as the original, but it's good to see that this one holds up the legacy well.

tigresa3204d ago

It looks amazing and really exciting, is it too late to get into it if you've never played it before? I'm scared even the interesting story might not be enough to send me back to the year of the sprite.

rrquinta3204d ago

LOL. I never played the original, but I don't see why you'd need to since this is a remake... almost like playing it however many years ago... :)