Spawn Kill Review: Again DS

Spawn Kill's CuatroChihuahuas takes a look at CING's latest mystery for Nintendo DS. Is it as good as Hotel Dusk, or are you better of looking elsewhere for your crime-solving fix? Check out her full review to find out.

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K-Tuck3164d ago

Visual Novel? No thank you!

tigresa3164d ago

I actually have taken a light interest in visual novels, and horror touches seemingly would make it all the better, though I'm tempted against clicking with that 4/10 glaring me in the face.

rrquinta3164d ago

Normally, there's nothing wrong with visual novels, in fact, I enjoy them and they are a neglected genre in this country. However, if you're going to have a text-heavy adventure, then you better darn well do a good job of making that text tight! This game was in such bad need of a red pen it was painful... painfully boring, and it's really a shame.