Has Kojima Ruined Metal Gear Solid?

Ps3Informer wrote: "This week, the game's erstwhile creator Hideo Kojima announced that the latest PSP entry in the series would contain tons of product placement advertisements, a worrying trend for the series. It's hardly as if Kojima and his production studio need the money, so either the corporate higher-ups at Konami have authorized this or Kojima is starting to get a bit squirrely in his old age, mistaking bizarre non sequiturs for the usual humor the series is known for."

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deadreckoning6663110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )


EDIT: I like Doritos

LukaX233110d ago

Wow this a really well disguised flamebait! Well done, "PS3Informer" - well done indeed!

WhatARump3110d ago

He's awesome and has made some of the best games ever.

So the writer can take his crap and shove it up his @ss

Stop criticizing people who bring you brilliant games, unless of course you think you can do better.

Darkstorn3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I like Kojima's cynicism towards gaming (even though it's kind of awkward at times), but I don't like the product placement.

I get the feeling that Kojima is allowing product placement just for the sake of weirdness, and that's not a good justification for it.

MAR-TYR-DOM3110d ago

He has not ruined mgs4. Peace Walker will be good. BUT as a fan of MGS, i wished this game was done on the PS3, they had could have Used the MGS4 engine they spent sooo much money on developing. Peace walker is the true sequel to MGS4

cayal3110d ago

How does a man ruin something he created and pretty much owns?

Aclay3109d ago

I don't see what the big deal is, Metal Gear Solid 4 had Product placement in the game with the Regain Energy Drink and Apple Products like the Ipod and Otacon's Mac Laptop....

If it weren't for Konami using these American brand products that are typically associated with/used for promoting video related stuff in the U.S. (Halo Mountain Dew, World of War Craft Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Sponsored Ad's during the 2009 VGA Award Show) I don't think he'd have much of an issue with it.

I have to admit though, in a MGS game I'd rather not see brands like Doritos and Mountain Dew...there's numerous of other brands I think would be a better fit, like maybe Red Bull for an equivalent Energy Drink to Regain in MGS4 or something.

DJexs3109d ago

Metal Gear Solid 3 isn't even a true Metal Gear Solid it is more like a Metal Gear Naked anyways it is for sure a great game. The entire series is amazing. Personally not excited for rising. Hideo is the bomb. MGS is the Bomb. Nothing is going to change those previous 2 facts.

INehalemEXI3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Kojima is having all kinds of fun with this one. I like that there is wacky elements added to this portable MG. Day one ..cqc on the psp baby :D

lil Titan3109d ago

if he does it clever to make it fit in the game just like he did in MGS4 and MGS3 and MGS2 then it should be ok i mean come on it's not the first time he has done this some people just point out the obvious and and blow it out of proportion

Redempteur3109d ago

some people here doesn't know about rumble roses cross over , and numerous product placements all over the last mgs games ( mgs3, portable ops and mgs4 )

anyway it's a really well flamebait article

DaTruth3109d ago

Has he ever played a Metal Gear game???

DaTruth3109d ago

After having to change every piece of my camo every 5 minutes, doing it multiple times whenever I died and not to mention reticulated python crap, I just couldn't finish MGS3. It was such a pain to play!

I wasn't even going to buy MGS4 until I saw the Octocamo.

INehalemEXI3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

MGS5: Snickers eater

I just imagine somone knocking on Hideo's door. Ex.. ex.. excuse me, Mr. Kojima san you has Doritos in my MG.

Hideo: *double takes* "Your MG, get the bleep off my lawn."

*throws a newspaper @ retreating dumba5s*

Genki3109d ago

George Lucas with Star Wars and Ed Boon with Mortal Kombat instantly spring to mind.

There are countless instances where the original creator ruins their own product.

I don't believe MGS to be one of those so far, but for what it's worth, I thought MGS3 was the pinnacle of the franchise, infinitely better than 4 in every conceivable way.

pixelsword3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

These products exist in the real world, a world Kojima wishes to accurately emulate in his games when necessary.

That's like saying that having LBJ in MGS3 was "Historical figure placement".

If Naked Snake wants a bag of Friggin' chips that existed in the 70's, then what's the big deal?

And if the products didn't exist in the 70's, then attempt to see why the product is there, like how those floating machines were in MGS3 but were explained as black-research tech not known by the Western World.

itisa3109d ago Show
Darkfocus3109d ago

without him the series would fall apart. how can he ruin it?

jammy_703109d ago

Ur right how can any1 think 4is better than 3 I don't know....

Millah3109d ago

Regardless I'm sure it will still be tasteful product placement and have a bit of humor involved with it. MGS 4 had product placement and its not like that RUINED the game or anything. Jesus people need to pipe down with this whole anti ad attitude.

cayal3109d ago

"George Lucas with Star Wars and Ed Boon with Mortal Kombat instantly spring to mind.

There are countless instances where the original creator ruins their own product.

I don't believe MGS to be one of those so far, but for what it's worth, I thought MGS3 was the pinnacle of the franchise, infinitely better than 4 in every conceivable way."

While it is popular opinion, you can't ruin something you own.
Star Wars is Lucas's vision, no one can say he ruined it. If someone took it over and run it to the ground, that I can see is being ruined.

But I disagree someone can ruin something they own since only they can tell in what direction and what to do with it.

CraigUK3109d ago

Well if people didn't pirate PSP games, he might not have to do such things.

bnaked3109d ago

He could write the same about MGS4, but thats one of the best games ever made..

ThanatosDMC3109d ago

MGS3 > MGS4 <- I completely agree.

But Hideo hasnt ruined MGS. It's still the same.

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tinman_licks3110d ago

That's marketing at work. Can't blame the guy. Games are expensive to make.

swingingape3110d ago

C'mon. You honestly don't think monkeys, poop jokes, and solid snake wearing a T-shirt for Axe body spray isn't weird?

morganfell3110d ago

Don't know anything about Kojima, do you.

blind-reaper3110d ago

Product placement it's ok if it is used casually, as long as it is not blatant ( or modify trama.

Mr_Showtime13109d ago

Well let's be honest, the game was never going to make a profit on the PSP, it might even have struggled to break even.

headwing453109d ago

I'm buying it, all my friends are buying it, saying it won't make profit is a stupid statement, there are a lot of MGS games on the PSP and they all made profit, not to mention that this one is actually made by Hideo.

JD_Shadow3109d ago

So, in other words, you're jealous that this game isn't coming out on the 360 with Rising.

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NateNater3110d ago

I found a random bag of doritos in the jungle once with my mountain dew shirt on. I see no problem here.

GiantEnemyCrab3110d ago

I hate you for making me laugh.

Anorexorcist3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

He had to eat slugs, poisen mushrooms, and rats in prison with nothing but a damn fork. Finding a bag of Doritos in the marsh is a breath of fresh air for the gaming legend. I hope Kojima throws some Hot Cheetos in there for good measure.

cranium3110d ago

Don't forget the Russian rations. Those things are the worst.

XxRoosterxX3109d ago

Hideo created metal gear, so he should be the one to destroy at his leisure.

nycredude3109d ago

WTF Doritos! This game just went from buy to freaking pass man! Freaking Doritos sucks! It has to be cheetos or Sun Chips!

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AlexeiBorodin3110d ago

This demonstrates perfectly the Playstation mindset - sell sell sell with no regard for quality. Had Metal Gear been xbox only from the start (and on DS handheld only too) Kojima wouldn't have got into this state. Disgraceful.

lodossrage3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

sell sell sell with no regard to quality sounds more like MS to me. Just sayin

For example, when a company doesn't test their hardware for issues well enough (if at all) and then they "sell sell sell" it even though they denied having any hardware issues until it got so big they COULDN'T deny it any more. All for the sake of making quick bucks.

Sound Familiar? I bet it does to those people that had to buy that 360 for the tenth time in a row :)

Batzi3110d ago

if you think some doritos and some soda is going to ruin a franchise as big as Metal Gear then you are kidding yourself.