What we know of the next Red Orchestra.

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 is a great multiplayer shooter game that has been relying on digital distribution on steam for sales, and unlike your typical FPS, it has many realistic elements.

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Letros3110d ago

Tripwire is bringing new features to the FPS genre never seen before with this game.

chak_3110d ago

that game looks absolutly interresting.

Though after hours and hours of BC2 it'll be tough to lose and get new reflexes

raztad3110d ago

I played a lot of RO when it still was a free UE 2004 mod (under Linux). Havent tried Osfront 41-45.

The new game (UE3 engine) is looking sick and I love the KZ2 like dynamic cover system. Nice addition. I'll be getting this if the hardware requirements are not that high.