This Or That: Devil May Cry Vs. Ninja Gaiden

The character-action genre isn't one that's particularly new, but one that has evolved in the new millennium. Much faster than the typical third-person fare and more flexible than the fighting games they try to mimic at times, this new breed of action game has defined a large part of the past two generations. The genre's focus on lightning-fast reflexes excites fighting game fans, and the stylish precision appeals to most everyone else. Constantly outnumbered but rarely outmatched, the player can decimate groups of enemies in a variety of ways, and look good doing it.

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Lord Vader3205d ago

Devil May Cry all the way - the story is 1000X better, lol, even the camera angles were better... & no 'cheap' attacks from off camera angles that NG is famous for.

I like the combat & combos in NG, but after that, there isnt anything else.

LittleBigSackBoy3205d ago

Depends which DMC...DMC3 is the best in it's genre (IMO).

VampHuntD3205d ago

"Ninja Gaiden makes you earn each combo"

Fanboy confirmed. Either that or this author only played DMC4, probably the DMC game ranked alone above DMC2 as far as DMC games go. I've played DMC 1-4 and NG 1 and 2 and DMC wins everytime. You want to talk about earning combos? DMC1 and 3 will own your face and has no block button like both Ninja Gaiden games (You could count Royal Guard in DMC3, but that requires you to time a block correctly).

Both are great, but saying NG makes you earn a combo? NG is a Dial a combo system, DMC is Free Form, there's no way NG makes you "earn" it more.

tolga2223204d ago

i totaly agree wif u there man 1000% right. devilmaycry is the best game (my opinion) and will be my best game forever therse so much action and really love the devil trigger aswome way ter go capcom for making such an awsome game! dante my favourte character