Games That Will Still Amaze You Today: Doom 3

There are a few games which help to define an entire generation of gaming. So far this generation, we have seen games such as Crysis, Gears of War, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid 4, Call of Duty, and others lead the games industry on its respective platforms. Here we will take a look at one of the games that defined the last generation of gaming (about 2000-2005) and see how they hold up in terms of todays expectations, in one of a series of articles to come.

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Cajun Chicken3115d ago

Been a lot of praise for Doom 3 recently, can't wait for Doom 4. For those complaining that Doom 3 wasn't 'original Doom' enough play the expansion pack Resurrection of Evil or just accept that Doom is just about marines, guns and hellspawn with a FPS view.

Cerebellum3115d ago

I agree! I just picked up an xbox360 and the first game I bought was Doom3 due to all the praise it got. After playing the first hour, I can say that this game puts you directly into the main character and the ship. Low lights, loud noise, and you're in for a fright!

Montrealien3114d ago

"Doom 3 wasn't 'original Doom'"

that was not the main complaint, infact the main complaint was that Doom 3 was to much like Doom.

Solidus187-SCMilk3114d ago

My friend rented it on xbox1 and it was a pretty good port too.

I thought it was alot of fun and seeing those control panels you clicked on with your mouse was really cool back in the day.

The only gripe I had about it was it seemed like monsters would just appear when little compartments in the wall opened up. But after playing some original doom again I was reminded that thats EXACTLY what happened in the old dooms.

I really liked it, and cant wait to see doom 4. That may just be because im a doom fan and have played D1, D2, FD, D64, and D3. So of course im gonna play doom 4. Probably need a PC upgrade tho.

MEsoJD3114d ago

now and then. The Game may not be that original but its alote of fun.

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geth1gh3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

This game is close to being number one of my all time favorites.

bviperz3115d ago

Close all the lights in your house and slap on some head phones.

Just don't scream too loud.

My only wish is they would support higher resolutions, especially widescreen.

Darkfocus3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

huge improvement.
lets you run in any resolution.

CaulkSlap3115d ago

Doom3 didn't amaze me at the time let alone now that it looks dated as hell. All it had going for it was cutting edge lighting and cheap jumpy scares. Not a bad game or anything just nothing special imo.

NiteX3115d ago

Ha that's what I was thinking. HL2 was 100 times more amazing.

thelifatree3115d ago

And it still is playable. But, like I'd rather play a lot of other FPS. It was fun, but unmemorable for me.

Viper73114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I mean Doom3 is only half-life copy with wannabe Doom setting. It simply forgot everything that make Doom1 and 2 great. Original Doom had superb level design, great arsenal of different weapons that did much to standardize even the current gen game weaponry. Even the setting where the player was trying to survive from moon which had teleported to hell is unique even today.

IT had no single retarded element as the "flashlight" which really only worsened the game, I can't express with words how bored I was when I needed to point the flashlight to an enemy then switch to weapon and shoot couple bullets then check with the flashlight did I kill it.

Its not that the game should have been old school Doom with better graphics, but it was simply copying other games and abusing name of game that has invented many of the elements we still see in games today. Expansion back seems to try bring the amount of enemies up which is a step in right direction but not even close enough to fix the game.

The things Doom3 should have taken from the old games should have been. Open (well designed)levels with loads of variety, background music, More action and no flashlight tag, Enemies with low health but great in numbers.
Now its just Half-life wannabe with "wannabe Doom" setting and flashlight tag.

I seriously hope they will stop mimicking others with Doom4 and bring back the things that made the original game great while setting a new benchmark to fps games.

Obama3115d ago

Doom 3 was pretty mediocre as I remember, but yeah HL2 was amazing.

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