Battlefield 2 Project Reality Mod Released

PR Studios has announced the latest release of its Battlefield 2 realism mod Project Reality, now available for download.

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Major Kanimo3139d ago

if they where able to get mod tool surport for bfbc2 and project reality make a mod for it then il buy a super pc..untill then il stick to consolessss

mikepmcc3139d ago

Umm...what? The whole purpose of this mod is to bring BF2 up to modern standards in terms of graphics and mechanics. BC2 already has amazing graphics and bullet physics, do you really think a modding team would be able to produce a significantly greater looking game?

Major Kanimo3138d ago

why do you think of graphics for pc?! i love battlefield mods desert combat was dope so was bf2 speical forces and stuff project reality on the frost bite engine would be crazyyyy!!!!!!! but that wont happen battlefield fans will have to wait for bf3