Every Battlefield game, ranked from worst to best

Sorting the good from the bad (company), these are our picks for the best Battlefield games of all time

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XxINFERNUSxX1052d ago

For me Battlefield 1942 is my fav, and best overall. Would be nice if DICE remastered this in the new engine and expansions that came with it. I know it would sell a ton.

JEECE1052d ago

I don't think it would. As much as I agree with you on it being great (it's one of my all time favorite multiplayer games), I don't know that its systems would work in today's market. For instance, the class system is totally static; there are no guns artificially locked away that you have to "earn." I prefer this, but I feel like modern players who have no frame of reference for the pre-COD4 era of FPS games would think a lack of a progression system is boring.

Possibly you meant that something like this would be added, but by remaster I took you to mean changes in the graphics/physics/engine etc. rather than game systems.

Plus I'd be wary of them touching 1942 again after the disappointing 1943.

Hungryalpaca1052d ago

I’ve never liked he concept of every army using every gun available. I find it ridiculous. Seems only “hardcore” games use proper equipment per team these days.

XxINFERNUSxX1052d ago

Well, yes, graphics/physics/engine etc. They can also bring it up to modern standards, like how BF4, and now V will be like, with unlocks, progression system etc.

Doomeduk1052d ago

Battlefield 2 for me it was first large scale mp battles
when i first fired it up and my pc could run it I went and spent over £100 on keyboard just to play the game
Flying a troop carrier to the mainland with 6 pals in the back and one in a cobra alongside I got goose bumps.... happy days

Crazyglues1052d ago

They got it right, Nothing was better then Bad Company 2 and sadly since DICE doesn't know why it was so good we will never get a Battlefield like that game ever again.... For the first time ever I don't even think I will buy this one, Battlefield V just looks like a Battlefield 1 reboot...So I guess I'm done, it was nice while it lasted...

1052d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.