IW fight 'delayed Modern Warfare 3' development

The case between Activision and Infinity Ward's former bosses continues to rumble on, and it's getting pretty messy.

Today the publisher has claimed that the alleged disruptive behaviour by Jason West and Vince Zampella delayed the pre-production of Modern Warfare 3.

It's a costly delay, no doubt - Modern Warfare is this console generation's most lucrative games franchise. In fact, Activision said the whole sorry situation has cost it dearly, with extra resource assigned to MW3's development, plus a stack of legal fees, not to mention the overall controversy.

Plus, Activision's countersuit today - reprinted by IGN - claims that the two were actively looking to form their own studio, and poach colleagues.

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mercenarie3205d ago

is made up of a bunch of turds.. crying over the Modern Warfare 3 delay. WTF do you think? you can screw a bunch of people over and expect them to take it again? it's not a Chinese sweat shop

evrfighter3205d ago

they are really looking down on the CoD fanbase. but then again the CoD fanbase has to be the most exploitable group in the history of gaming.

I guess it would be easy to forget they are the consumer and see them as a herd of sheep.

Kratos Spartan3205d ago

Yea Bobby Kotick may have made himself look like a jerk with some statements, but nobody on this site knows the real story behind all this. West and Zampella may have gotten extremely c0cky, since they were the top brains behind it. And with that success, they felt they could just do anything they wanted. As big a success as the MW brand came to be, maybe greed got to them and they felt they didn't recieve enough money? Publishers usually always profit more from it than developers anyway. (You can find this out for yourself if you do a little research) And maybe, just maybe, they did go a little too far. Why would Activision do anything to jeopardize their cash cow? Something is fishy, and we may never know the truth. I won't condemn either until some real evidence is present.

peowpeow3205d ago

I would say herd of sheep, but they are more lemmings than sheep.

jjohan353205d ago

I really mean it, esp after hearing that Kotick wanted to charge subscription for future titles.

Inside_out3204d ago

Activision would not fire their top guys for nothing...Two sides to every story...Remember, these guys worked for EA before Activision and no doubt WILL work for EA again...If they were talking to EA, you can bet it wasn't about the weather...More will come out...If Activision proves these guys were planing on leaving and thought they could take COD with them, case close...Greed on both sides making the lawyers richer....

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DarkBlood3205d ago

lol *evil laugh* goood goooood

DarkBlood3205d ago

actually i was thinking of the guy from star wars :P but lol i remeber that one too

electricshadow3205d ago

Oh man. They've delayed another CoD game. What will I play from now until it comes out?!

kissmeimgreek3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

COD The Musical
COD the Movie
COD The Movie behind the making of The game
COD the movie behind the making of the game 2
COD The Hunt for Red Kotick
COD When Price Met Soap
COD to the future
COD the lawsuit
COD the lawsuit THE GAME

I think weve got enough to wait it out till MW3...

Nateh8sYou3205d ago

"CoD to the future"

I laughed so hard at that

DJKGBYF3205d ago

MW3, now with triple the bugs, triple the glitches, triple the exploits, and triple the players.

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ScubaSteve13205d ago

hey i know a good call of duty game.

call of duty the hunt for bobby kotick worlds most wanted person

DarkBlood3205d ago

i approve lets make this game guys ON THE DOUBLE

The Time Reaper3205d ago

Maybe they shouldn't have fired the guys leading the project then? Just a thought.

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