Electro-candy Review: Red Steel 2 - Ubisoft (wii)

By Daniel Lipscombe

All young boys want to be cowboys or ninjas, I was that boy. I could have easily been one or the other on a warm summer's day; better yet you could be both rolled into one. Imagine a plastic six shooter in your pocket and a cardboard tube sword tucked through a belt loop. Whilst the fictitious bandits dart left and right the six shooters arid gun smoke wafts through the air as the blade is unsheathed.

If only someone could make this fantasy into a videogame – in steps Ubisoft. Brandishing a Wii remote with a fancy new motion plus you can live that dream, although the fantasy didn't arrive unmarred.

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ChickeyCantor3116d ago

" Red Steel 2 is a flawed game, but it keeps you entertained throughout if only because of the shooting and occasional sword fight "

...sounds like he was playing RS1....