IncGamers - BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review

IncGamers' Tim McDonald takes off the gloves and goes toe to toe with BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.

From the review: "Yes, it's a fighting game, but it's a fighting game by Arc System Works, and that's reason to sit up and pay attention even if you're not the biggest fan of one-on-one brawling. Typical fighting game pitfalls – poor characters, non-existent plot, and more importantly a learning cliff that only the most determined or experienced will be able to scale – have, by and large, been dealt with."

A video review is linked to at the bottom of the text review.

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thetamer3119d ago

This looks like a poor mans version of a fighter game...

Delta3119d ago

What's a true fighter then? I found BlazBlue to be the best fighter last year.

Dorjan3119d ago

The weird thing is, the character animations, while great on their own seem not to go with each other.

Just me I guess

Maticus3119d ago

I've heard good things about this game, I see they were true!

Chazmers3119d ago

bit sceptical with only 12 fighters but they seem varied enough to keep me interested