Multiplayer Madness – OXCGN's Red Dead Redemption's MP 'Official' details

OXCGN Writes:

"The very first thing that strikes you is, that there is no Lobby to join up with others which makes the game seem much more user-friendly in many ways. If someone is forming a posse, and you're on their friends list, you'll get an invite to join. Accept or decline, it's up to you.

It won't affect how or what you're doing if you do decline. You'll be given a meeting place, and if you happen to be over the other side of the map, which is HUGE by the way, the host has the ability to – well – teleport you to the location where you can meet up with the rest of the posse."

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Immortal Kaim4679d ago

So looking forward to this game, little worried about the release date though, same day as Alan Wake in the US...

Godem4679d ago

Sounds good.. but im not sure how long it will engage people? It just doesn't seem like a game thats going to have a huge multiplayer fanbase.

gaminoz4679d ago

I really don't know why this game or even the next Assassin's Creed needs to add multiplayer to the open world experience.

Still, interesting that they are.