Tiger Woods Online Free-To-Play Model Explained

EA has explained what's on offer to free-to-play users in Tiger Woods Online.

The browser-based golf title launched yesterday with the option of free-to-play and subscription models. IncGamers contacted EA to find out more about what the free-to-play user has access to.

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Dorjan3115d ago

This is quite like the way League of Legends work.

Dorjan3115d ago

well, all of their extra stuff is micro transactions instead of subscriptions but the way the free stuff works is the same :)

Cogo3115d ago

You know you can "edit", right? :)

As for LoL, I think it's a very good system and will likely work well here too.

DEA Fresh3115d ago

and you get a lot for free considering it's from EA but there's no fun in it sitting at a computer. If they put this on XBL or PSN it'd be amazing.

Leord3115d ago

That man is just an idol.

AndyA3115d ago

You spelled "idiot" wrongly.

Fyzzu3115d ago

An idol? Really?

On the plus side, this sounds like a pretty good system. I'm actually all for this.

Maticus3115d ago

That seems fair enough, you will get to see all the courses eventually.

Letros3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Time to play this in the lab...distracted enough already...sheeze

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