NATAL: price and technical problems, our information (Rumor)

Gameblog says : "Now that developers have received their development kits for Project Natal, some say it's still suffering from many technical problems".

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Godmars2905072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

Willing to bet even money, that despite 360 fanboy claims that N4G is a PS3 fanboy site, this story wont get approved.

Lou Ferrigno5072d ago

ahahah hee said ?XDF MOBILIZE" LOL.

bubbles for the laugh my friend.

commodore645072d ago

I'll collect that money off you then, shall I?

rawd5072d ago


Hellsvacancy5072d ago

From the article "at least do not detect parasites joints recognized by the system"

"parasites" i think there referin 2 the user

avengers19785072d ago

Wow buggy MS hardware, this is a first.

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Rowsdower5072d ago

I'm not interested in Natal but there is no news in this article

Bzone245072d ago

Sources, quotes or any proof isn't needed here for fanboys to preach it as fact.

Jahmanvibration5072d ago

That's why i've published it as "Rumors" and not "News"

Rowsdower5072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )


1 : talk or opinion widely disseminated with no discernible source
2 : a statement or report current without known authority for its truth

Stuff like this brings the fanboys like flies to sh*t.

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green5072d ago

thats why i am dismissing it as fake.

Rowsdower5072d ago

what you have listed are not facts, you have reproduced the list from the article which itself consists of sourceless statements.

I gotta get out of here.

Sheikh Yerbouti5072d ago

use that same healthy skepticism you have for this article and apply it toward Natal.

Natal is bleeding cutting edge and Microsoft's attempt to show it can be as innovative and progressive as Sony and Nintendo. They are taking a big risk. There is a possibility of failure. Sony has failed before. Nintendo as well.

The article is under rumor - take it how you want. Still what BS we know about Natal right now upholds what is being said. I'm more inclined to believe article now than Aaron Greenburg.

NightVyper5072d ago

Remember Nintendo and Sony both passed on this tech because it required to much Research and development to make it viable. That is something to strongly consider. I think this tech has a future but it seems like something that requires a lot more time and money behind it. Realistically it should be developed as true next gen tech and not a tack on gimmick to boost sales. IE; Make the next xbox actually built around a more mature version of Natal.

I think Natal may not be ready for consumer use at this stage but MS is forcing it in hopes the hype machine will help them cash in. Developers will feel their hands forced and if this is true you will see a lot of shovel ware coming your way soon. I do believe Natal has a lot of potential but i see it in engineering and science applications at the present not in video games, at least not yet.

Mike134nl5072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

But the first question I have about the technical problems are if these problems are also associated with the final natal hardware.

It already has been confirmed that the demo hardware isn't representative of the final hardware since it was mentioned that substantial improvements have been made to the latency etc. of the hardware.

Furthermore xbox360 is for shooters Natal mostly for casual gamers in my eyes. Though face tracking and voice commands in a shooter is still a big possibility

Rowsdower5072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

and I save my judgments for when I personally experience something. I do value the opinions of others, but in the end I will be the only one to make up my mind. There are plenty of things in gaming that people panned that I enjoy, the most recent being bionic commando (especially its multiplayer). I didnt want the wii to fail, i dont want MOVE to fail, and I dont want NATAL to fail. My reason is I love gaming.

There are plenty of folks on N4G who blindly hate, some of us have to balance things out.

Inside_out5072d ago

Article a fail on many levels...I have a Wii, can't play it standing in front of the tv either...LOL...Most games require or you just want to stand up to play....many times it looses track of what you are doing, still a ton of fun to play...

E3 will be the big unveil...with many examples of what the system can do...many developers on board already...The Wii fit game has sold millions and millions and is a perfect match for Natal...expect to see many similar type games....can't wait for E3....

Christopher5072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

Lack of any source, let alone a credible one, makes me very hesitant to take this article at face value. Regardless, the fate of Natal will likely be decided at E3.

@Rowsdower: Seriously, The Final Sacrifice? I personally would have gone with a pic of Yuri from Werewolf, but that's just me.

pixelsword5072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

The housing there is sardine-like in a number of cases, so I don't know if it will work out in a lot of situations.

Three meters? unobstructed? Like a dorm, for example: not going to happen in a lot of cases.

My brother was going to get the Wii for his family, but I wanted them to hold-up until E3, but it looks like the Wii may be best for them after all. The most kid-friendly games and I don't want my nephew to have his first console experience to be a laggy and frustrating one. I was pulling for natal because of the controller-less gameplay (he's only three) plus no controller to bash into my brother's very expensive HDTV.

That explains the dancing vid that came out a while ago, but the again, it doesn't: seeing that in the dancing vid, it seemed to track the arms pretty accurately, but the lag was very obvious.

It's still new yet, so developers will probably find workarounds for a lot of these problems, but if from the start, I can't see any game for Natal being appealing out of the gate, and maybe a year or so out. E3 will answer the majority of these issues, though.

Lord Vader5071d ago

Exactly... but I do love this fanboy fodder so I can add the ignorant instantly to my Ignore list.


KingME5071d ago

First off, this is a rumor being translated form french to english (And poorly done, being I couldn't read a complete sentence throughout the article.) in which the writer said that none of it has been confirmed.

Second, ever of a PS3 fanboy on N4G just on it like hungry wolves on a downed carcass completely taking every word of it as gospel.

Third, when developers were having problems programming on the PS3 they all contributed it to "LAZY" or "STUPID" developers. Now there's "rumor" of Natal having problems and instantly they claim it's the hardware.

Fourth, the double standards on this site are simply ridiculous.

Last, I wish you had to proclaim a system on this site and you were not able to comment on a thread that didn't fall under your system (validated by registers PSN, XBL, or WII accounts.) Additionally if the MODS on N4G actually cared about how this site was ran, they would implement better quality checks instead of just collecting whatever compensation they are receiving while letting these clowns run around like patients in an insane asylum.

nveenio5071d ago

The problem with Natal is that I can stick my hands down my pants and play with balls whenever I want, all from the comfort of a public bus stop.

Bigpappy5071d ago

There is no laughing at fanboys yet. After E3 then you can laugh your A$$ off. Be careful with putting full stock in rumors. You don't want to be the monkey to throw Shyt and have it come back in your face. E3!

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blasian5072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

mistaking a couch for a person?..... advise against no shooters?

"The development documentation provided with the kits advise against certain types of games, especially shooters."

So basically they cant make any shooters, rpgs, strategies, or adventures.. well theres always sports (dodgeball)...