SuperNES on iPad

Gizmodo: "Sadly, the SuperNES emulator for iPad it's not an official app. I say sadly because it goes extremely fast and, according to Snes4iphone developer ZodTTD, "it looks, sounds, and plays great." Looking at the video, indeed it does"

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3826d ago
samoon3826d ago

Holy freakin' awesomeness!!!

I have this on my ipod touch, but it looks so much better, and probably easier to try out, on the iPad.

Montrealien3826d ago

I have a great portable snes emulator, it's called a PsP. And you know what's even crazier? it actually has a controler with the same button lay out of the snes pad. :)

specialguest3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Looks painful to pay. The novelty of running an SNES emulator on the iPad will run out quick due to lack of anything close to a real controller.

Aphe3826d ago

How can it work the same as a snes? Does it work as well?

George Sears3826d ago

Montrealian you can use the Wii mote when using the emulator. Hopefully they will update it for the PS3 controller soon.

vhero3825d ago

looks freaking annoying to control though.

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tdrules3826d ago

ooo a decent reason to own an iPad, I think I'll wait for a price cut and BAM

vhero3825d ago

a price cut?? have you looked at the iphone lately? them things have dropped next to nothing since launch.

bobrea3826d ago

Not on the official App Store, Eh? Looks like iPad owners are Sh1t out of luck. Ill find an SNES emulator and install it on my laptop right now just because I can.

turok3826d ago

That Nintendo, regardless of who ever sides which whatever system, still is #1 as far as emulation/playing pirated games scenes go. and about psp using a snes emulator for playing snes roms only proves that psp is epic fail on sony's part that the most played games on a psp are the Big N's roms.

Myze3826d ago

Since you are talking about hacking and pirating, you do realize the psp can play all ps1 iso's as well? The ps1 library is just as good (all opinion, some would find it better) as the snes' and the only reason people would have more SNES games than ps1/psp games is because they are 600x smaller in size.

It also emulates the NES and N64 (although not very well on that one), which really to me doesn't say that Nintendo wins, but that Sony has released a handheld device far more capable than anything Nintendo has ever released. All it lacks is support from developers that the DS gets, and it's completely due to how easy it is to hack the psp. If they make the psp2 more difficult to pirate games, the development support will come, if not from 3rd party, then from first party, which Sony far surpasses Nintendo, and anyone else, with. That being said though, I find handhelds as nothing more than novelty items for short periods of playtime or when I'm away from a TV, and would never use a handheld as my "main" gaming system of choice.

multipayer3826d ago

One game from this gen is pretty on par with a handful of any old games in terms of content, I think it is pretty sad this is being touted at all on something expensive as ipad. We already have SNES emulators on things much smaller that can display its native resolution fine...

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