Early Game of the Year Contenders of 2010

2010 is a year like no other in the video game industry. It is a year of equality, and uncertainty within our market; which is all due to one system: the PlayStation 3. In previous years, there was no question which hardcore gaming console would come out on top in nearly every month, of every year for the past 4 years, the Xbox 360. 2010 is going to different, because Sony has been able to bridge the gap between their console and the 360, and that will cause anything to happen.

This year will decide which console will dominate the market for years to come. It is all or nothing, and both companies have put their best foot forward, and are gearing up for a battle. But, some battles have already begun, and many early "Game of the Year" Contenders have shown themselves.

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-Mezzo-3754d ago

So far the most deserving game to take away the GOTY title has been ( God Of War III ).

But Q2 of 2010 has just begun many more games to come.

ConnorSmith3754d ago

Ya, I noticed, should be fixed now, if you encounter more problems, please let me know below!

sumo3113754d ago

I just went through and it works well now no problems

WildArmed3754d ago

page 5 is broken o_o

But yeah I agree.
If ANY Of those games stole GoTY, I wouldn't be disappointed at all.

All of them are very good games that I proudly own.

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sumo3113754d ago

Nah no doubt it will be GoW, it is an unbleieveable game, no other games even stand a chance!

ConnorSmith3754d ago

Really? You even played ne of the other games? They are pretty darn good buddy.

sumo3113754d ago

Have you ever played GoW? Nothing matches up, it is unbelievable!

Kratos Rocks!

PirateThom3754d ago

I've played all apart from Bad Company 2 and I'd say God of War III is, by far, the most deserving.

ConnorSmith3754d ago

Of course it is a great game, but really those other games are quite good too. You never know what will happen!

vancouver3754d ago

Really? I think lots of those games are as good as GoW!

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ConnorSmith3754d ago

Thanks Mezzo, i just went through it again with all the slideshows and links, and it all seemed in working order.

thanks Again!

sumo3113754d ago

Dun worry bout it, t'all works!

-Mezzo-3754d ago

i agree with everyone, it just plain Awesome & i disagree with 1 contender you listed Final Fantasy.

ConnorSmith3754d ago

For its genre, it was pretty good....

sumo3113754d ago

Final fantasy was a flop, expecially since it was on the xbox 360!

vancouver3754d ago

I, personally, loved Final Fantasy 13