Top Ten Reasons Daisy is Better than Peach

Gamervision's Coop theorizes... "But she's the original!" you're going to say, "she is Mario's love!" Listen, I'm not going to say either of those are wrong, that's not what I'm here to do. Princess Peach is all right, I suppose, if you're into that sort of thing. However, there's another Princess in the world, and she's currently in the shadow of the aforementioned Peach. It's Daisy, and she should be the star of every "Mario" game ever. Don't understand why? Here are ten reasons, whittled down from a list we've come up with that numbers in the hundreds of thousands, why Daisy is better than Peach.

7. There's isn't a Mediocre Game Based on Her

Super Princess Peach isn't a bad game, per say, just not a good game. For her image, though, it was a big blow. It portrayed her as an emotional monster, and can't have left her feeling good about herself. All in all, Peach is zero for one when it comes to being the star. Daisy, on the other hand, has a flawless record. Completely and utterly flawless.

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ZombieAutopsy4433d ago

Reason number 1, she puts out.

Gandalf4433d ago

I'm pretty sure this picture says it all.

Fierce Musashi4433d ago

"She Has a Less Annoying Voice"

God no! If you've played MKWii you would know that's a lie.

eagle214431d ago

Super Smash Sisters Brawl?

Redempteur4431d ago

play super princess peach (ds)

and then you'll never doubt peach again ...

kesvalk4431d ago

agreed, in fact i can't understand why she gets kidnapped if she have all that abilities, she must be a needy woman, that need mario attention...

by the way, i really like daisy more, just because i like her...

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The story is too old to be commented.