Spawn Kill Hands-On Preview: Dementium II (PAX East)

Dave "Snarkasaur" Stewart of Spawn Kill writes:

"Earlier this year, Spawn Kill gave away a few posters that may have featured the most effed up image in gaming history. It was a proud moment for us, and I'm sure Southpeak Games' art department found similar pride when designing the layout. At PAX East this year, I was given the chance to sit down with the actual game behind the poster, and while it did not stir within me such ghastly images as its forerunning images, I still found what little I played to be interesting and creepy as hell."

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tigresa4213d ago

Damn that trailer looks AWESOME. I'm officially going back and finishing the first game so I can get into this one. I had fun demoing it at PAX. The monster designs are so unique! Some rival the creep factor of even Silent Hill.

Snarkasaur4213d ago

Be sure to admit yourself when visiting the website!

rrquinta4213d ago

I'm eager to see how this one turns out.