Apple iPad Stress Tests

How sturdy is Apple's latest gadget, the iPad? Senior Editor Tim Moynihan applied our grueling set of classic stress tests to the device so you don't have to...

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Fishy Fingers3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

"your not going to want to put this under water".... Really? Well that does surprise me :/

Anyway, shame the screen suffered after just a few drops, I drop my iphone all the time and it seems to handle it well. Like most things Apple, if your interested it's generally better to wait on the 2nd gen model which often releases shortly after the original.

Anyway, let us all moan about it's pricing and real world applications now...

Blaze9293753d ago

aw that sucks, I planned to use it underwater along with my gills to breath. Don't think I'll be getting this anymore then, that's an outrage.

But yeah seriously, I guess it's because the device is bigger than the iPhone. I also dropped my iPhone quite a few times with it still being perfectly in-tact and working. And I'm still on the original 2G model lmao so that's one hella sturdy device.

Waiting on the new iPhone to be announced this June. Can hardly wait to see it. It better be hella good as HTC is making the iPhone look like old 80s flip phones in comparison now.

Danteh3753d ago


The guy put water on it and the screen responded... and even a f!cking donut can work as a stylus xDDD

PS: How much time usually pases before Apple launches the second gen of one of their products?? I know it's better to wait but...

-Alpha3753d ago

What a waste. Of Donuts.

Great intro by the way, it was funny. As always these "stress tests" are over exaggerated, but I think the conclusion is: Don't waste your money?

Fanb0y3753d ago

This thing is way too flimsy for my liking. If a few drops can ruin the screen...

coolasj193753d ago

Ipod Protection Ageny ( IPS ) on this case NOW. we have to stop this abuse or else no one will ! ! !

Close_Second3753d ago

...who would have thought release a bigger version of the ITouch would be so successful. I would consider getting one if my netbook packs in and they are at a reasonable price. I get the feeling in NZ they'll go for around $1,000.

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The story is too old to be commented.