Cosplay Babe of the Week is Ayane From the Dead or Alive Series

GFB writes: "Checking your email before the end of the week and finding out you have to throw together a feature sucks. But then finding out it means you have to look up women dressed as game characters eases the pain. For this week's Cosplay Babe of the Week we dip back into the Dead or Alive stable.

Mini Bio: This week we chose Ayane who just happens to be Kasumi's half-sister. She's a ninja too, but hates Kasumi. An expert in Ninjutsu, her deadly fighting style has given her the nickname "Female Tengu". She joins in the Dead or Alive World Combat Championship as an assassin in pursuit of her traitor sister, Kasumi, who left the Mugen Tenshin clan behind. Although she would never admit it, Ayane admires Hayate, her half-brother."

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chidori6665196d ago

cosplay japan= win

cosplay of american fat girl= epic fail.

thorstein5196d ago

At least they have titties.

Kalowest5195d ago

Tig o Bitties are the best.

vgn245195d ago

I'll take a heavy topped western girl over a skinny Japanese girl anyday! Howver I wouldn't kick either out of bed, lol.

EvilBlackCat5195d ago (Edited 5195d ago )



NO regular cool joe or jane will do a cosplay only dumb retard anime & video game wackos fans do cosplay IS A TRUE FACT those who disagree are that kind of people im talking about.


Mo0eY5195d ago (Edited 5195d ago )

Can someone please point me to the 'American fat girl' this guy's talking about?

Edit for the guy above:
C'mon - let's see Japan top this: http://semantink.com/wordpr...

Pozzle5195d ago

Wow, if that's what you call a "fat American girl", I'd hate to see what you call truly obese people.

That girl has a lovely figure. Dare I say, better than a fair few of the girls in the gallery.

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toaster5195d ago

Oh great.. watch. 800 degrees with less than 10 comments. I'm calling it.

TruUnknowN5195d ago

Doubt it, most horny kids have school tomorrow.. :O

Kakihara5195d ago

All girls should have pink hair. I have spoken.

evildeli5194d ago

cosplay is good for the soul


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Kakashi Hatake401d ago

Don't care what anyone says, Smash isn't a traditional fighting game. May as well call Powerstone and Playstation All Stars fighting games. They're more of an arena fighter /party game.

NotoriousWhiz401d ago

You don't have to care what anyone says. It's not a traditional fighting game. But it is a fighting game.

gerbintosh401d ago

Not according to the creator, Sakurai. Link below


400d ago
CrimsonWing69401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I mean what makes them an arena fighter than say something like Tekken? Because there’s platforms?

NatsuXTheMaxspeed21401d ago

because theres a bunch of pokeballs and other random stupid stuff on stage that you can use at your advantage and flying ultra super power ball that you got to chase on the stage to get your ougi LMAO.

CrimsonWing69401d ago


I mean what it sounds like is they took a fighting game and “added” unique mechanics to it to me.

When I think arena game I think of things like Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand or Virtual-On.

Smash to me is a fighting game, they have fighting game tournaments for it. It just doesn’t jive with me to call it “not a fighting game” because you have poke-balls and platforms or because it has 4 players at once duking it out.

Power Stone I’d consider a fighting game as well. Hell, if you google what it is everyone calls these games “fighting games”. So yea, they’re fighting games…

Immagaiden401d ago

What’s next, you gonna say Mario Kart isn’t a racing game?

NatsuXTheMaxspeed21401d ago

oh its a racer but its not a realistic one like GT or Forza. only kids check for mario kart and smash .

Immagaiden401d ago

I didn’t say it was realistic. I said racing game. Does Burnout not being realistic make it not a racing game?

What does a demographic have to do with a genre? Do kids playing CoD make it any less an FPS? You see how ridiculous bringing up that subject is?

repsahj400d ago

"Only kids and kids at heart check for mario kart and smash".


FallenAngel1984401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Nobody said it was a traditional fighter. Everyone acknowledges it as a platform fighter

PSASBR & Power Stone are fighting games, the former being a platform fighter and the latter an arena fighter

gleepot401d ago

You're correct, it isn't traditional. It's a fighting game though.