Dead or Alive 5 - 10 Years of Free-to-Play

Dead or Alive 5 debuted 10 years ago today, ushering in a new era of AAA free-to-play gaming which has since become commonplace.

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Glemt63d ago

I really wish "free-to-play" got a different name. Because, yeah, you can play (part of) the game for free, but then they hypercharge you for DLC. Nearly 1000 credits to get all the DLC? Damn.

neutralgamer199262d ago

Exactly give me a complete bundle

MadLad62d ago

You get the fighting game.
They make you pay for the bikinis and booty shorts.

ApocalypseShadow62d ago

Worse decision ever for the gamer. Over emphasis on fan service nonsense and micro transactions than making a great fighting game.

Use to love the game as a Virtual Fighter offshoot and competitor to VF and Tekken. Won't touch this current incarnation with a 10 foot pole. You know there was something wrong when they tried to charge for hair color.

spicelicka62d ago

I wish it wouldn't be called "fan service" anymore. It's of service to no one, it's just exploiting our perverted nature blatantly, but then again people who fall for it can't really complain.

MadLad62d ago

People complain about the dlc, but you get the actual game.
You're paying to look at their bodies.

Silly gameAr62d ago

I have no problem whatsoever with the fanservice. My problem was the endless, expensive packs of pointless costumes that people loved to buy apparently.

lucian22962d ago

Don't be a cry baby. Go play another game if you don't like fan service. Not every game needs to be woke trash.

DOA only fell because of overpriced dlc

Silly gameAr62d ago

Not every comment needs to bring up woke when there is no wokeness going on. I wish they would ban the word woke from the face of the planet.

lucian22960d ago (Edited 60d ago )

You sound "woke" yourself, crying and wanting more cancel culture. That's the problem with you people, you don't like something and just want to cancel it.

Woke is now a day a synonym for social justice Warrior. It's people who cry that something is offensive and use cancel culture to destroy something they don't like...... Sorry but it applies when people complain about boobs

isarai62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Do people really not realize there was a full release of this game? I've seen this pop up a few times and it always baffles me that people talk as if DOA5 was only F2P. I still have the Last Round disc that includes all characters, maps and most outfits

HeliosHex62d ago

Truly the best in the series. If you only want one DOA this is the one to get right here.