Link's reported Crossbow Training Time looks at Link's Crossbow Training's game-play hours reported, number of players reporting data, sale rank, and review score average.

CwG says, "Does Link practice enough with his crossbow and have enough hours reported, to prove a steady hand? Or is Link's crossbow training more of a hobby, not to be taken seriously?"

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CoffeewithChess3752d ago

Has anybody here played Link's Crossbow Training, and if so, do you recommend it to others?
I haven't played it, but it looks interesting, just don't know if I should pay $20 for it.

readiandnot3752d ago

You may want to play LCT, if you can find it for less than $10.
The Wii comment.

Perjoss3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Have not played it for a long time but if i remember right there was really no story, but many fun mini games a bit like the old point blank game on the psx. It was very interesting that it had a control system where you could move around and shoot at the same time, which is quite different for a 'light gun' type of game. I do not think it supports wii motion plus so has the standard 'wii lag' that most games have.

Kind of miss the days when real lightgun games were made for CRT televisions, some of those guns were very accurate and no lag at all. I'm even considering buy an old TV for cheap just to play classics like time crisis and the point blank games.

overall i found LCT very fun as it does not just judge you by hitting or missing but also how accurate and fast you are:

edit: forward to 4 mins to see the move / shoot gameplay.

CoffeewithChess3751d ago

After watching the video, I think the game looks good for less than $10.
5 hours of game-play for less than $10 is okay by me.

Thanks for posting the link up to the video!

CoffeewithChess3751d ago

A guy commented on another site, that he found LCT for $3 and said it was worth it. I'll be on the lookout for it.

hardcorez3750d ago

Come on Nintendo!