5 PS3 Games Your Girl Will Love

TQcast Author writes: If you are shopping for PS3 games for that special female in your life, here are a few suggestions. I asked a numerous amount of female gamers what their favorite PS3 games are, and I received consistent replies. So yes boys, there are many PS3 games out there that could interest that special girl, and maybe even turn her into a gamer. I have narrowed the list down to the top five games to get you started. (And yes I am a girl).

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NotSoSilentBob4135d ago

Remove Soul CaliburIV and replace it with White Knight Chronicles and remove Heavenly Sword and replace it with a BUZZ game.

badz1494133d ago

and WKC? seriously? LBP is cute but not noob friendly enough for a non-gamer girl to enjoy - sometimes, frustrating! it's a great game but for a chick, it's kinda a bit off. screw LBP and put Lego Indiana Jones instead! that game is way more noob-friendly and cute at the same time! chick digs that stuff!

p/s: and I would love to meet a non-gamer chick who can beat HS!

KiRBY30004133d ago

chicks love LBP, kids as well as grow ups.

heavenly sword and white knight tho, im not sure about this... lol

eggbert4133d ago

my girlfriend is in love littlebigplanet. It's pretty much the only video game she plays.

ZombieAutopsy4133d ago

My girl isn't a "gamer" and she loves LBP (as well as Heavy Rain), Heavenly Sword though im sure some girls can get into because you're playing as a bad azz chick but idk....although my girl seen me playing GoW3 and was wowed by the graphics and scale of it and wanted to play it.

badz1494133d ago

and we played LEGO Indy 2 all the way to platinum together! such fun, but LBP just frustrates her over and over as we were trying to get the best! just playing but without completing the challenges is fun for awhile but trying to better things like no live loss, 100% item and so on really something that needs her to be a gamer, not just a girl playing games! you must admit that LBP is not noobish at all! she still loves watching me play my other games as well though!

slpknt6sic64133d ago

my gf loved folklore.... too much actually..... now she has a tattoo of habetrot :/ fml lol

exnihilonihilfit4133d ago

Is that it doesn't clarify whether or not it's a girl gamer, or just some girl (which in the male chauvinistic world of video games would often be regarded, somewhat sexistly, as someone who isn't interested and not good at games). If we're talking about actual girl gamers, of which I know quite a few, there's no reason why they wouldn't have the same or a similar top 5 list to any male gamer that I know. If we're talking about just some girl, that could vary wildly based on whether or not they play other types games or sports and on their personal tastes. I just think the idea of this list was ill conceived, even though it appears that a girl gamer wrote it.

Quadrostacker4133d ago

My girl loves Uncharted 2, She thinks it's a movie.

Dee_914133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

my ex loved infamous and lbp
we play lbp online and we are always smackin each other lol

my current gf like burnout paradise ... thats about it ... and she play sims alot

she had rockband on 360 ..but the disc dont read on mines and sumtimes work on her brother's

WinterWolf4133d ago

My sister loves LBP. And she likes BUZZ quiz tv as well

ThanatosDMC4133d ago

My unofficial gf plays MAG with me and my stupid friends.

EVILDEAD3604133d ago

I have all the systems and ALWAYS buy games that the ladies can play too..the truth is ALL woman are different..but there are definately some stronger titles than others..

The truth is 'Heavy Rain' on easy is actually a game that is pretty good entertainment..or just letting her watch you play is great for couch time..

The Rock Bands and guitar Hero genre is only good if they like to sing or can ACTUALLY play the instrument

'Scene it' for the 360 ALWAYS entertains the ladies hook line and sinker..but I recently bought Buzz and it got me some love as well.

Forza 3 with the wheel played like a dream with that wireless wheel..all of my female friends have loved driving I will definately get a similiar wheel for Gran Turismo 5 when it drops

Believe it or's a with your girl and play one of those CSI games..they LOVE solving the case with you.

The many Sudoko games on the 360 are great games for me and a couple of the ladies I was seeing.

But..NOTHING..I mean NOTHING..matches the Wii for playing with the ladies..bowling alone is the sole reason to keep your Wii plgged in.

If Natal or Move actually make a simpler way to play a bowling game then those will move units

The more casual the better..but in the end it all depends on the level of gamer your girl actual is...


jamesgtaiv4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

This person must assume that all girls are wii-vaginas. Maybe the authors girlfriend has the mentality of a 3 year old. The only game out of this list my girlfriend would enjoy is Heavy Rain. Other than that she likes the battlefield series, crysis, Arma 2, the GTA series, L4D, and so on. Even though no matter what we play, if its online, she gets hit on by morons. It gets pretty ridiculous.

Edit: Girls seem to like customization in games. My girlfriend was hooked on Saints Row 2 because she could customize everything. So I think little big planet might be enjoyable.

Exoil4133d ago

The games my wife plays are these:

# Ratchet & Clank, all three of them. They're her favourite games
# LittleBigPlanet
# Uncharted 1&2
# Heavy Rain
# Ice Age 3
# Echochrome
# Braid
# Pixeljunk Monsters

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Nathan Drake24133d ago

this is really bad list.i think:

uncharted 1&2
everybody's golf 5

Gray-Fox4133d ago

Replace uncharted with ragdoll kung fu

guitarded774133d ago

Singstar and Buzz are winners... my wife loves those games.

christian hour4133d ago

My girlfriend cant get enough of trash panic. Trying to beat hell mode currently :P We're also both hooked on pokemon heartgoldand soulsilver

remanutd554133d ago

i have seen a lot of females playing Fat Princess

Raoh4133d ago

for my girl its

1. singstar

2. classic games like pacman etc

3. ex girlfriend back in the days was tekken series and gran turismo

there isnt such a thing as gmaes girls like its about the girls you date.

hell my girl may assume i'm a street fighter fan and buy me the game only to find out i hate the series and she wasted her time

DigitalHorror814133d ago

Sega Genesis Collection (Old school)
Sonic the Hedgehog All Genesis and PS3
Hot Shots Golf
Mortal Kombat
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Guitar Hero
Rocket Slime (Dragon Quest)
Mario Games
Crash Bandicoot
Soul Caliber

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