Interview: Haze

Free Radical Design creative director David Doak and scriptwriter Rob Yescombe talk up the TimeSplitters team's brand new next-gen shooter.

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VirtualGamer6206d ago

I love the fact they have a scriptwriter from the movie industry coming in to help add more to the game. A very passionate guy in what he wants to accomplish. I hope he pulls it off because this is the kind of things we need to see happen in order to make gameplay more compelling and move the genre forward. Nice find!

Anewbus6205d ago

WOW if a game could convey more emotion it would make storylines much more interesting, just imagine playing this and seeing a soldier whose tried, hungry, scared and angry at the same time. WOW cant wait!

THAMMER16205d ago

I really hope this game is sweet because I know I will buy it. Time splitters was and is still cool. So if they apply that same tight game play and an even better story line we will have an awesome game to play and replay together. Story line is what makes great games like Halo/ Halo 2, Half-life 1 & 2, Ninja Gaiden, Metroid, Zelda, and on and on. Muliti player is key to. We need more immersion there too. So it looks like they have it together we see in 2007 on Xbox live

leon6204d ago (Edited 6204d ago )

pffft that "screen writer" what a pompus twerp
"your going to be playing the best first person shooter of 2007" what an idiot the best fps of 2007 will be halo 3 , end of.

and if you listen to what he said about the games setting...set in 2025, theres a war going on , set in south america where rebels have overthrown the government......hmmmmmm now i dont know about you lot but that sounds a teeny weeny bit like GHOST RECON A W.

jeeees go get some original ideas. or a gun to shoot your self you "im a screen writer by trade" you nobhead

Xtrm L1481L1TY6204d ago

Do you thinks he's taking credit for originality? Ghost Recon to the Tee. Hahaha knob-head suites nicely.