Chinatown Wars 'suffered due to piracy'

CEO Ben Feder says even sure-fire hits can fail on handheld due to illegal downloads.

Rampant piracy is the real reason for GTA: Chinatown Wars' slow sales according to Take-Two CEO Ben Feder.

On paper, Chinatown Wars should have been a massive success when it launched on the Nintendo DS a year ago.

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Noctis Aftermath3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Want to know why it didn't sell as well as expected on the DS? because people don't buy the DS to shoot up pimps and run down hoes, they buy it to play mario, pokemon or nintendogs.

Want to know why it didn't sell well on the PSP? because people don't want to go from sandbox PS2 style GTA games to the classic top-down viewed PSX games, the graphical and gameplay differences are huge.

Oh let's not forget that the game is a direct port from the DS with barely more then a resolution upsize, also the fact that you then went on later to release the game for iphone/ipod at a much lower price.

Sure the game was pirated, but if you think piracy killed it's sales your wrong, you made one terrible choice after another and basically killed the game by yourselves.

ProA0073754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Blame piracy for a crappy game? Typical

Blaze9293754d ago

I'm pretty sure it suffered becuase the game just wasn't that good to begin with. You go from two great selling PSP GTA titles which were fully 3D to a 2D top-down game and expect it to sell through the rough just because GTA was slapped on the box?

The game isn't even worth pirating imo. I completely hated it as a PSP game and wish they converted it to the 3D style we all are used to and love. On my iPhone though, it's not bad for THAT device. on the PSP, it's unacceptable.

Sure there is a audience for 2D top down classic GTA but its not near as big the audience that is used to the 3D GTA that they have introduced. They need to stick with the era of franchise they introduced. GTA CW is a good iphone game like I said. *Not* a psp/ds game. We can't take steps back, only forward.

Sure piracy probably played a part but don't go making excuses (Take-Two) because a 'bad' game didn't sell.

iamtehpwn3754d ago

so Grand THEFT auto got stolen?

I Lol'd.

spunnups3754d ago

yup i wanted it for the psp and then they went ahead and released it for about $10 on the itouch. It's a no brainer.

HolyOrangeCows3754d ago

Not to mention almost nonexistent (non-internet) marketing and targeting the wrong audience.

kwyjibo3754d ago

Anyone remotely considered a hardcore gamer with a DS pirates games. It's so incredibly easy, in that it's easier to pirate than to actually buy.

It's pretty much the same with the PSP.

Nintendo and Sony better get on the digital distribution bus, and fast. Convenience is king.

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Dark_Helmet3754d ago

I played it for a bit and it was not fun at all. The DS is not designed for that siht no matter how much nintendo payed them to make it. It failed because it was a bad idea from the get go. I didn't even bother to "download" it to my psp let alone buy it for psp because the ds version was so bad. GTA needs to stick to consoles!

ApexHell3754d ago

i just bought the game new yesterday lol.

1PC2PS333603754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

what are the developers going to do next....when it was mostly only PC games getting pirated it was like everyone shook their fingers at pc gamers and said how naughty they were... now look at the consoles and can get almost every major 360 game on a torrent before it even releases...not that I would...I don't need to steal games...I have a job and I wouldn't put any sub-hd 576p crap on my 2000 dollar plasma anyway.

Newsflash...poor people and scumbags will pirate anything they it games, movies, music, software, gucci oooooor people

nikola9873754d ago

Chinatown Wars has sold 1 million where is the suffer? :P

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