PSP2 May be Coming Sooner Than Later

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "The PlayStation Portable 2 has long been rumored for what seems like eons now. PSP2 has been the subject of speculation, artists renditions, forum battles, but never the subject of a Sony press release. We all know Sony is hard at work developing the next generation PlayStation Portable. While it's not ready for official unveiling, recent discoveries indicate that may happen sooner than you think."

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kaveti66164932d ago

It's *than* for f*ck's sake.

Jrome4932d ago

It's coming soon...and then it's coming later. lol...it will be coming at both times.

DoucheVader4932d ago

Hey it's late. :P Some of us work you know.

PeptoBismol4932d ago

kaveti, your wrong. check ur grammer plzzzzzz

ThatArtGuy4932d ago

You should also check your spelling before commenting on grammar. :P

jmare4931d ago

Kaveti is correct. It's "than" not "then". It's than because it's a comparison rather THAN it being chronological. The sentence as it is, is literally saying that the PSP2 is coming out soon and then again later. If you're going to call someone out for being wrong, make sure you're right.

Noctis Aftermath4931d ago

I hope that somehow this year sony can keep a their hardware 'boat' waterproof.... leaks are no fun, i'd rather see the hardware revealed with a big bang(full specs, lots of game videos etc) then some leaked screenshots and tidbits on some random website.

Either way the PSP2 is coming to E3 this year, i just hope it's like a portable naquadah generator.

Tachyon_Nova4931d ago

How do you manage to get disagrees for that, it's a fact...

sikbeta4931d ago

E310 = PSP²

Playstation Portable + Phone

·CPU: 800MHz
·2 Analogue sticks

silvacrest4931d ago

nice dream huh?

honestly, im not mocking you, if sony can achieve that......it would be the equivalent of the PS3 slim with a price cut

"fingers crossed"

darthv724931d ago

sony will have to say something considering nintendo has announced their next DS. Seems only logical that it would be something about a psp follow up.

HolyOrangeCows4931d ago

Bring it on. Two sticks, better security so that we see better support and less piracy, maybe a touchscreen and an accelerometer, and MOAR POWA!

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Karooo4932d ago

PSP2 will have less hype now.

Philaroni4932d ago

The PSP GO was a test model to see how well an all digital system would do. Nothing more.

My educated guess would be is the PSP UMD will be phased out slowly same with the PSPs and the GO will become the main PSP when the PSP2 comes out. By then (PSP2 more or less would come out Spring of next year is my guess.) we will have most of the best PSP games on the PSN. I am sure the PSP2 will be all digital as it should.

I think the PSP2 is really going to impress people, they are not only playing against the game market but also the multi media (Iphone, Ipad) and on the rental side against Itunes.

crck4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

If the PSPGo has shown Sony anything its that people don't want all digital. NPD doesn't separate PSP and PSPGo numbers but looking at sales in Japan its obvious the PSPGo is getting trounced in sales at almost a 18 to 1 clip by the regular PSP. Something in the neighborhood of 36k PSPs a week to 2k PSPgos a week.

ThanatosDMC4932d ago

I'm hoping it looks as sexy or sexier than the PSPGo. I also hope it's as portable.

Now i just want dual analogues for FPS games and let it be able to play graphically awesome games. Then i want my Uncharted Portable and my MAG portable.

Let there be 3G-4G and all phone services support, better web browser, PS3 capabilities with it's video, music, and picture files compatibility, and let it all be digital with two m2 or micro SD slots and a built in 32+gb internal memory... lots of ram... etc.

Sony had better come out with those 2TB memory sticks soon!!! http://www.sonyinsider.com/...

T3mpr1x4932d ago

@crck, people are definitely okay with all-digital: just look at the iPhone/iPod touch. The problem was that the PSPs with UMD drives were cheaper than the PSP Go and provided the exact same games. With a PSP2 it will be an entirely new platform and hopefully reasonably priced. Here's hoping for above PS2-level graphics and dual analog sticks/raised nubs!

darthv724931d ago

To some extent I agree with that thought. The problem with it though was the fact that game devs were still releasing their games on UMD. If sony really wanted it to take off then they could have asked the devs to release the digital versions of their games up to a month ahead of the UMD. This could have sparked interest in the DD format of the go in that people who wanted the newest game could get it sooner than the physical.

Now with the psp2 they could expand that further. Making the unit BC with current digital psp titles as well as newer ones ONLY available in digital form for the psp2. I am sure there are several aspects of the go that are being looked at as building blocks for the psp2.

shadow27974931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

^I could definitely see the PSP2 being backwards compatible with digital PSP1 games. But I don't see Sony abandoning physical media or giving the shaft to the customers that prefer digital media. I think Sony will stick to their current model and offer both as a choice.

But as for physical media, the PSP2 won't have UMD. It wouldn't be enough storage. I'm not sure if Sony will try to push the PSP2's physical media quite as hard as they pushed UMD. I don't think movie studios will be willing to take another risk like that.

But I'm fairly certain there will be some kind of physical media. Maybe they'll just provide games on proprietary memory sticks. 8 Gb memory sticks are fairly cheap nowadays. They also read faster and are much quieter. What do you think?

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Sigh4932d ago

it would be nice to see the 3DS and PSP2 both shown at this year's E3.

Philaroni4932d ago

Yes and no, the PSP and DS might as well be black and white. Both target very different markets. Its stupid that they get compared honestly. Its like comparing a toy dart gun to an M16. Also it would not surprise me if the PSP2 has 3D support. Which would be cool and it fits with Sony's current PR talk.

tweet754932d ago

that is so cool announce a major console release and say it will be out in a week. Dont make the people wait. Id love that.

DoucheVader4932d ago

It would be impossible to keep the hardware that under wraps if you had a launch 2 weeks after the announce. You would never get all the developers to comply with keeping quiet (like not a peep).

Unless you want a platform to launch without any games, I don't see how this is possible.

Pedobear Rocks4931d ago

Apple seems quite capable of doing it. There is no reason SONY couldn't especially if alot of the launch games were from their inhouse studios, of which they own many.

The launch of the 3DS will push SONY to act faster than they wanted and I think we will have news at TGS but not E3.

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