Spawn Kill Hands-On Preview: Mafia II (PAX East)

Brittany Vincent of Spawn Kill writes:

"Mafia was both a critical and commercial hit, though the console ports did tend to disappoint. Around that same time, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City made the scene, and not even the fact that you could hop into the driver's seat of over fifty classic rides swayed gamers tempted by the voracious sound of the eighties or the vulgar language of Vice City. Fast forward to 2010, where sandbox gaming is enjoying copious amounts of success. We eat them up. We love to screw around for a couple of hours doing donuts in the sand in Grand Theft Auto IV or toss cars at people in Prototype. Perhaps now that the genre isn't completely dominated by Rockstar titles (though admittedly they do it justice), the upcoming Mafia II from 2K Games can flourish and attract the audiences it deserves."

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tigresa4227d ago

I actually love those stereotypical Italian gangster voice types. n_n Beats those bootleg G-Unit soldiers of GTA San Andreas anyday.

rrquinta4227d ago

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

K-Tuck4227d ago

Might have to keep my eye on this one.