Twistdock is a mistery

What is Twistdock? Thats what we'd like to know! Check out the link for this surprising announcement! Keep in mind, we have been assured that it is not an April Fools joke. Enjoy!

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hoppermania3304d ago

Looks like a ps3 enhanced dockingstation..

claterz3304d ago

Well if it isn't an april fools joke, then i'd say it was a new xmb for Move compatibility, because richard marks has hinted at that idea quite a lot lately. Wouldn't realy go with the name 'TwistDock' though =/ still...can't think of anything else.

Pillage053304d ago

wierd video. I think the website concluded it's some sort of stand with controller chargers, but part of me says why would they bother making this fully animated video for something like that. Then again it is april fools day.


"Mistery"? Did I miss something? Is this misspelling intentional?